I Don’t Want to Blog Anymore…

…so here is a picture of a toilet.  I am going to flush this horrible blog that only 3.5 people read down this toilet.  Then I will be without the stress of operating a blog that is read by only 3.5 people.

What is stressing you out 3.5 readers?  Feel free to flush in the comments.

shutterstock_222184204 copy

The scene of the crime.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Blog Anymore…

  1. Karen Gray says:

    Och don’t do that! I feel the same sometimes (well most of the time) but my blog is for me so even though I have found it hard to keep up with because of home stuff, I know in the near future it will really help me when my life becomes more settled. I hope you continue to blog for the readers yes but mostly for yourself x

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