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BQB on Hollywood Perverts

Hey 3.5 readers.

As you all know, I am a movie lover.  I have no life, so I spent most of my free time watching films.  I have nothing but great appreciation for them.

Thus, it is with great sadness I have come to realize that Hollywood is full of terrible, nasty, disgusting perverts…so much so that I am no longer able to watch a film without worrying that the actor on screen might a) be a pervert or b) may have been perved on by a pervert.

Action movie?  The woman being saved was probably banged against her will by the action star.

Drama?  The dude crying probably forced himself on the other dude that’s crying.

Comedy – when the laughter stopped, the non-consensual sex began.

Movie with a dog as a lead – I’m sorry, but there’s like a 99 percent chance that someone fucked that dog.  Look at that dog’s dead eyes.  He’s been abused and he did not like it at all, the poor thing.  He’s on screen being all like “Freddy the Wonder Pooch Saves the Day!” but then at night he’s taking cold showers and drinking a fifth of vodka just to forget his woes.

So much perversion, 3.5 readers.  Every day, a new Hollywood star is alleged to have engaged in perverted activity.

I’m so sad, 3.5 readers.  Is there anyone in Hollywood who is not a pervert?

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