BQB’s Charitable Causes #1

Hey 3.5 readers.  As you all know, I am a great philanthropist.

Here are some of the charitable causes I hope you will join me in supporting:

#1 – The Center for Molested Chickens

#2 – Fat, Poor Hamsters Who Can’t Afford Running Wheels

#3 – Parrots with Tourette’s Syndrome (“BRACK! COCKSUCKER! BRACK!”)

#4 – Ferrets Who Need Vaping Materials

#5 – Free Chili for Anyone Named Carl

#6 – The BQB Center for Saving Impoverished Single Mothers who Dance One Dollar at a Time (BQB hands out all donations directly.)

#7 – Free Golf Pants for Kangaroos

#8 – Lockable Drink Lids for Women Who Hang Out with Bill Cosby

#9 – The Association for Bloggers Who Tell Dated Jokes, Including Bill Cosby Jokes That Are Too Easy

#10 – Pancakes for Ducks

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