38,000 Words in a Week


When you’re in love, you’re in love and I’m in love with Disco Werewolf.  The words have come quickly and things are lining up.  There are mistakes galore as with any first draft and things to be changed in the second, but just as a runner doesnt stop to change his socks until the marathon is over, so too do I keep going.

I was iffy at first.  The set up has been fun and when it dawned on me too make his sister a punk rocker who drives the neighborhood crazy with her bad singing I knew I had something.  I know the arc i.e. how he will have to save the world with his disco skills but still a little iffy on getting it together but so far it seems to be going well.

And I didn’t expect it but there are some underlying thoughts about the responsible use of power.  Should people not do X because some people abuse X?  Should monsters not be allowed to use their powers because some use them for bad?  Maybe some would use them for good.

Anyway, I’m enjoying it.  Anyone want to check it out and maybe drop some notes I’d appreciate it.  I do believe this will be the next project I will bring to completion if all goes well.

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