The Rotten Side of Self-Publishing

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Bookshelf Q. Battler here.

Check out this article in the Guardian by Alison Flood.  

I suppose we all get wrapped up into the good of self-publishing i.e. all the great success stories big (the self-published millionaires) and small (the person who finally got to see their name in print even if it doesn’t make a dime) and in-between (the person who makes a fairly decent living but has yet to become wealthy)…but it’s worth noting there are some shenanigans going on as this article points out – plagiarism, unscrupulous characters ripping off authors, stealing their content and packaging it as their own, violating the rules and so on.

Has anyone ever experienced any self-published hi-jinx?

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7 thoughts on “The Rotten Side of Self-Publishing

  1. I self published with LuLu, for POD and my book showed up for sale instantly on Amazon, listed by other sellers, for up to $50.00. I had left Amazon off my list of vendors when I registered. I took my book off LuLu and it is still for sale on Amazon.

    • Why do people list books that high? I’ve seen books at surprisingly high prices, like hundreds of dollars. It would have to be a first edition bible signed by Jesus for me to consider it so I don’t get the high prices. Do fans actually pay this?

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