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Things That Really Frost My Ass – Idiots Who Watch the Ball Drop in Times Square


Hello 3.5 readers.

I don’t have a column.  I just have a brief observation.  If you are willing to spend twelve plus hours in the freezing cold just to watch a ball drop signifying that another year of your life is gone and you can never get it back, then you are an asshole.

Get a job.

That is all.

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Happy Saturday 3.5 readers.

Like Jack Kerouac, I’m on the road, only with much less style and self-reflection.

With Count Krakovich, Asshat Vampire and Schecky Blargfeld, Zombie Comedian holding down the fort (God help us), I’m free to wander.

What’s your favorite thing to do in New York City, 3.5?

I had a chance to check out Times Square. 

Grown man in a baby costume. Adults in off brand super hero costumes. Scantily clad ladies with “I Love NY” on their booty cheeks. (I only looked so I could give a full, thorough report because I go the extra mile for my 3.5 readers.)

BQB in Times Square:

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