BQB’s Walking Dead Recap – Episode 706 – “Swear”


Hello 3.5 zombie apocalypse survivors.

Your old pal BQB here.

Boy howdy am I behind on The Walking Dead.

I blame the Yeti.  That furry douche never lets me do anything.

If you’ve seen beyond this episode, I’d appreciate it if you don’t spoil anything.  If you haven’t seen up to this episode, look away as things will be spoiled for you.

So this was an episode for Tara’s character to really shine.  That’s done from time to time, where a bit player is given their own episode and we learn more about him/her.

Here, we learn that Tara relies on a good sense of humor.

She’s taken captive by a group of females.  I was hoping there would be an awesome backstory to this.  Maybe they’re a bunch of man hating Amazon lesbian warriors who take advantage of the zompoc to create their own lesbian warrior enclave but alas, no, that’s not the case at all.

What was here friend’s name?  The guy with the dreads?  P?  Pete?  I don’t know.  Notice that zombie we are led to think might be him was wearing a dress though and there are some tracks next to his broken glasses.

So either What’s-his-name was zombified and then someone came along and put a dress on his zombified body or more likely, a woman who looks like him was zombified and he was able to escape.

We’ll find out.

There’s a part where Tara could be all about herself but she thinks of the greater good and of those who helped her so…that’s nice.  Moments like that don’t happen often.

The goofy sunglasses said it all really.

I have two more episodes to catch up on!


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