This Was Cool…

Not that I’d let it go to my head or anything, but this was cool:

These guys are good to their fans.

I recommend their stuff, just check out Amazon and you’ll find them.  I’ve yet to read The Beam but it looks like something Sci-Fi lovers would be into.  I do love a good robot story so I will have to check out Robot Proletariat.  I enjoyed Daniel Wilson’s Robopacalypse, and the sadly now canceled Almost Human on FOX, so anything with robots, I’m down.

I did read Johnny B. Truant’s Fat Vampire.  I went into it thinking, “Well, he’s probably just going to bust on fat people,” but it was actually a story with some heart that showed the struggles that “Reginald” goes through.

They also have a series called Unicorn Western, which is basically, just as the title says, a Western where cowboys ride Unicorns.  Cool idea.

I refer to them as “they” like they’re interchangeable, so I’m sorry, I don’t always remember which one did which book, or which of them worked together on which books, but in general, the three of them have some good self-published stuff out there, and I can’t say enough about Write Publish Repeat.

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