The Middle Class Writer

Hey 3.5 readers.

Writers.  It seems like they’re even Bohemian coffee shop dwellers, jotting their stories down and never making a cent, or fabulously wealthy bestseller slingers who could write a grocery list on the back of a toilet paper roll and rake in the dough.

In other words, they’re either really poor and their parents are pissed off by their life choices, or they’re rich and the toast of the town.

Will tech make more middle class writers?  Writers who aren’t raking in James Pattersonian/Steven Kingian levels of dough, but aren’t unwashed and destitute either.

Thanks to self publishing, social media, blogging etc they’ve created a fan base and are able to sell enough to live a decent life style.  House.  Bills paid.  Needs met.  Kids and family taken care of.  Parents feel no need to be embarrassed.

Will tech make more and more middle class writers?  Has it already?







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10 thoughts on “The Middle Class Writer

  1. amcmulin914 says:

    Oh what I would give to be a “middle-class writer”.

  2. vagabondsaint says:

    Christ, I hope so.

  3. ACSmith says:

    At least allows for greater creativity to be fed into the mainsteam, and if so the talent can be spotted. So hopefully will propel people into more success. Also the greater need for writers because of tech opportunities.

    • Yes. I just feel like there’s so much pressure to NOT be a writer. Prospective writers give up what they want to do for success concerns, money concerns, parental and family approval concerns. The general view of writing is like theres a few millionaires and a lot of poor folk but if we can somehow find a way to produce more people who are making a decent standard of living…

  4. The whole industry is changing so fast. I think there will be more middle class writers, but they’re going to have to work hard at it 🙂

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