#OscarsSoWhite – Are the Oscars Racist?

Discussion time, 3.5 readers.

Are the Oscars racist?

And….go!  Talk amongst yourselves, I’m a little verclempt.

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4 thoughts on “#OscarsSoWhite – Are the Oscars Racist?

  1. Perhaps they should introduce a percentage system, you know ; a certain percentage of the awards for blacks, and and so on for Asians, orientals, and whites. Of course, if nobody won in the native American Indian section, would the award roll over to next year? Difficult situation.. .

  2. introverted22 says:

    I feel like the program itself starts with the quality of films being made and the roles that are available for actors of color. Most of the films that have actors of color are comedies and we all know that the Oscars are not really for films of that genre. Maybe if the Oscars expanded their categories we would see a more diverse line-up but I really strongly do believe that there is a lack of roles for actors of color which creates the problem at hand. Maybe if more people realized this problem instead of blaming the Oscars, things would change.

  3. introverted22 says:

    Problem not program lol

  4. j.k.ullrich says:

    I think when any voting body is comprised predominantly of old white guys–be it the Academy Award committee or the US congress–the results will be somewhat predictable!

    As someone who studied film quite extensively in university, I’ve never put much stock in the Oscars. Nominations seem unrelated to a movie’s overall quality or its ability to please audiences. Instead they reflect the opinion of approximately 5,000 voters. That’s hardly representative in a nation where an estimated 68% of adults–that’s more than 166 million people–go to the movies every year.

    Like any other art form, what’s the “best” is painfully subjective. I, for example, love science fiction films. The Academy, however, seems to disagree. Ever notice how sci-fi and fantasy rarely get any nods besides “best special effects” or maybe “best original score”? An entire genre–and perhaps, as some advocacy groups now suggest, entire ethnic groups–fall outside the Academy’s narrow spectrum of acceptability.

    The late, great Alan Rickman said it best: “parts win prizes, not actors. You always know a part that’s got ‘prize winner’ written all over it, and it’s almost like anybody could say those lines and somebody will hand them a piece of metal.” The Oscars bestow nothing but the validation from a creatively myopic, self-styled elite. If I were an actor of any color, I wouldn’t care whether I met with the approval of such a group. In fact, I’d be proud to displease them and shatter their fragile, antiquated notions of cinema!

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