How to Talk Like a Pirate #3 – Babysitting

Ahoy mateys here be how to babysit like a pirate arr

Bookshelf Battle

Smelly Pants Jim Smelly Pants Jim

By:  Special Guest Pirate, Smelly Pants Jim

Land ho, 3.5 readers.  Smelly Pants Jim be the moniker I be saddled with fer the last time my festooned pantaloons were laundered it was by a saucy maiden on the Isle of Tortuga ten years past.

Trust not just anyone with me fancy pants and they’ll never see the inside of a wash barrel again unless its toted by the same sweet lass that won me heart so many moons ago.  Some day I will retire from piracy, find her, and make her mine.

Stuck at home with the wee urchins, are ye?  I’ll translate fer ye and help turn family time into pirate time.  Yarr.


Billy, stop bothering your sister!

Ahoy, yon Billy.  Fancy making a shambles of yer kin’s life do ye?  Cease this madness or else its to the grimey, brimey depths of Davey Jones’ locker…

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