Zomcation Cover

Another cover for another book I have yet to finish writing.

“Oh hey, did you hear about BQB?  He ended up in the poorhouse, spent all his dough on book covers for books he never finished writing.  What an asshole.”

Oh well, what say you 3.5 readers?



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4 thoughts on “Zomcation Cover

  1. Hmm…no worries, you can use the book covers as advertising if you print enough of them and waterproof them before sticking them to your cardboard box house under the overpass.
    Oh, the design–neato.

  2. As long as going to the poorhouse doesn’t make you look like the cover model. Book covers are extremely important. I like this design. I get the Ferris Wheel, but the other ride looks a bit like the Star Ship Enterprise. Perhaps some kind of roller coaster might get the message across to thick people like me.

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