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Oscars Epic Fail

Hey 3.5 readers.  I went to bed assuming Best Picture would be given to La La Land and apparently the presenters thought that too.

Then I woke up this morning to hear there had been a flub.  Apparently, the envelopes got mixed up and La La Land had been announced for Best Picture and then after some scrambling around they announced there had been a mistake and that Moonlight had actually won.

That’s got to suck for the La La Land people to be told you won and then have your victory yanked away and it also has to suck for the Moonlight people to have their victory moment ruined.

Oh you wacky Hollywood types.

One thing we can always be sure of though is that ugly people will never win an Oscar.  Poor Michael Shannon was passed over due to his ugliness.  Such a shame because there is a lot of talent underneath all that ugly.  #OscarsSoPretty

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Michael Shannon Denied Best Supporting Actor Oscar

Boo!  An outrage to ugly people everywhere!  #OscarsSoPretty

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If you think the Oscars are too pretty…

…then tweet along with BQB on #OscarsSoPretty

Don’t forget to root for our fellow ugly person, Michael Shannon for Best Supporting Actor.

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Just a reminder…

…if I can get 3,500 WordPress followers to commemorate the love I have for my 3.5 readers by following my amazing blog, then I will celebrate by hiring this chainsaw juggling man to provide a celebratory chainsaw juggling video.

You people aren’t following fast enough.  Get your priorities straight.  It’s like you don’t even want to see a man juggle a chainsaw, for crying out loud.

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