Zom Fu – Chapter 45


Rage Dog joined five other zombified warriors in slamming a battering ram against the gate.

“Heave!” Rage Dog shouted. The command was quickly followed by a slam. Heave, slam. Heave, slam. Occasionally, the warriors would drop the ram and scatter just in time to miss being burned by boiling oil being dropped by the soldiers above. Some of the undead were not lucky enough to avoid having their faces burned, but they continued their duties just the same.

Meanwhile, Lickspittle oversaw a complex operation in which brain biters were doused with kerosene, set ablaze, then launched over the wall via the zombapault. Over a dozen warriors had breached the wall in this fashion and were wreaking havoc within the city.

Dragonhand grabbed Rage Dog by the robe and pulled the fighter close. “Was I wrong when I saw myself in you?”

“No master!” Rage Dog shouted.

The fiend pointed to a rope, one of many that had attached to the wall by a grappling hook. “Bring me the Emperor’s brain!”

Rage Dog did not flinch at the request. “You will have it, master.”

Up the rope the dog flew, dodging arrows, rocks, even boiling oil spills. Just as the soldiers would cut rope, he’d spring to the next until he was on top of the wall.

“Waaaaaahhh!” the fighter cried as he tiger clawed out a soldier’s brains. A second soldier charged at Rage Dog, then a third and a fourth. All ended up with their brains removed from their skulls.

Rage Dog made his way down the inner wall steps and ran toward the palace. All around him, burning zombies were engrossed in fighting General Tsang’s soldiers.

“Come brothers!” Rage Dog shouted to his fellow brain bite clan members. “The Emperor’s brain awaits!”

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