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TV Review – Dave Chapelle Netflix Special

OJ Simpson meetings.  The Age of Spin.  Care bears.  Bill Cosby.

BQB here with a review of Dave Chapelle’s Netflix special.

After a ten year hiatus, Dave Chapelle is back in the game and at 42, he hasn’t lost the spring in his step.  Though he does look and come off as a bit older and wiser, he’s still got that ability to drop laugh out loud truth bombs.  That’s no easy feat, and even more difficult in today’s politically correct, “naughty jokes are so offensive” landscape we seem to be living in.

You don’t want to hear me tell Dave’s jokes, so just watch his special instead.  To summarize without spoiling, he’s shaken about Bill Cosby (imagine learning someone you have loved and admired for years was hiding a disturbing secret).  He feels bad for millennials because he was raised by the Care Bears to care, whereas today, so many terrible things are happening on the news that it is impossible to care about it all.  Youngsters are living in “The Age of Spin” i.e. no one’s looking for the truth anymore, but just the best version they agree with.

I loved Chapelle’s Show from the early 2000s.  I have great memories of popping in his DVDs and watching them over and over again.  I wish Dave had kept up with his act over the years but then again, maybe there are some stars that shine so bright they need a rest before they can shine again.

Dave is still shining.  Shine on, Dave Chapelle.  Shine on.

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BQB’s Classic Movie Rewind – Face/Off (1997)

Holy crap, 3.5 readers.  Can you believe it has been twenty years since Face/Off graced the silver screen?

BQB here with a review of this trading faces action fest.


I really love this movie.  The late 1990s gave birth to so many fantastic action films that still hold up today and this one of them.

John Travolta plays Sean Archer, an FBI agent who has devoted years of his life to taking down terrorist for hire Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage).  Now, he’s finally caught him but alas, Castor’s been incapacitated.

Castor’s brother Pollux is the only one who knows where Castor has planted a bomb that will level Los Angeles, so Archer goes through an experimental surgery to have Castor’s face removed and placed on his.

Alas, Castor wakes up face-less, but that’s ok, because he borrows Archers.  Thus the film takes a confusing turn as Archer and Castor become each other and hunt each other down.

Sure, the premise is utterly ridiculous, but the action comes a mile a minute.  The only question I have had for twenty years is why is it that, when Travolta has his own face put back on at the end does he have his love handles returned too.

Seeing it on TV makes me a bit nostalgic.  Scratch that.  I feel old.  I forgot CCH Pounder is in this movie.  I mostly know her from her days on the rough and perpetually angry Claudette on The Shield but I forgot that she was once mildly hot, bone-able and relatively young in this movie as Archer’s FBI partner.

STATUS: Shelf-worthy.  My one regret is they have yet to actually invent face swapping technology.  I’d love to swap my hideous face with some studly dude, although I can’t imagine anyone being willing to accept my face.