Mark Twain vs. Zombies – Vote for Your Favorite Cover

Yeah, so this happened.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been doing a running gag on this blog where I take Mark Twain quotes and add stuff about zombies to them…i.e. “When it comes to zombies, there are lies about zombies, damned lies about zombies and zombie statistics.”

I thought, hey, why not pack these all up and make a quick and easy quote book.

So I commissioned a cover contest thinking I can bang a quote book out really quick, but then after a a while, I began thinking about it, doing some Twain research, and I came up with a pretty sweet premise as to how Twain could have been a zombie hunter while he wasn’t busy writing.

So, downside, one more cover for a book I haven’t written yet.  But, oh well, I think my addiction is ok.  When I start giving hand jobs in the subway bathroom to pay for more book covers for books I haven’t written yet, then I will know I have a problem.

Vote for your favorite, 3.5 readers. 


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5 thoughts on “Mark Twain vs. Zombies – Vote for Your Favorite Cover

  1. Cool idea. I dont have a 99design act and dont want to sign up but I do like the one with Twain on the horse.

    • That’s cool I don’t think you have to register just to check out the poll. Those were the two concepts I like the most. I was impressed that the one guy went to all that trouble to draw and paint by hand Twain on a horse committing random acts of zombie murder.

  2. That was the one I liked the best, but it’s really dark and blurry. I like the tag line though. I’m not sure I would go with any of them though.

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