Movie Review – Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

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BQB here with a review of “The Last Jedi.”

So, as you recall, our last film ended with Rey meeting Luke in a sweeping scene on a remote island.  I have to be honest, I liked the last film initially but after awhile, it did seem lame, a pile of fluff, a rehash of the old film.

They really outdid themselves this time, from the immediate space battle that ensues as Luke and Rey escape to the remote planet of Baatha Fisk, to the riveting fight scene in which Poe Dameron’s fate is left unclear.  That cliffhanger is left unaddressed and it seemed odd to have such a big question so early in the film go unanswered but I suppose there were clues throughout the film.  The helmet that was found on Cheeops is perhaps a sign that Poe might live to fight another day.

Snope’s origins are revealed and it does make sense that he was trained by Yoda.  The ghost scenes featuring Yoda, Old Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi seemed cheesy at first, a patronizing throwback to something that seemed lame in the original films, but then after awhile I thought about it and I’ll give some slack to the writers there.  But for ghostly involvement, I’m not sure how certain plot points could have been given.

I don’t really want to give it away but I have to admit, I found it lame that the lightsaber “called” to Rey in the last film.  I mean, it’s an inanimate object but the explanation makes sense.  I’m not sure Rey’s added power will hold up in future films but within this film it worked.

I don’t really buy that Finn could have bested Kylo Ren in a fight but then again I talked to other fans and they indicate that the love Finn feels for Rey is what drives him, giving him extra adrenaline and that’s what allowed him to defeat Ren, just has he managed to escape Captain Phasma earlier.

Chewie remains the heart of the story and the beloved wookie finally gets some character development.  Who knew the wookie was gay all along, despised by his own family and thrown off his home planet just for being who he is?  Admittedly, it does seem like social justice pandering and I think the point could have been made without the five minute male wookie on male wookie sex scene.  Yikes!  So much violence.

Further, I think the movie’s downfall is that it tries too hard to go with the “ripped from the headlines” trope.  Personally, I think it is bad writing to take current events and news items and work them into science fiction, especially when sci-fi allows for so much imagination to be explored.  For example, Wax Fassa, the businessman that double crosses Luke and Rey, offering them free passage to Sverador is an obvious Trump clone.  Although it was humorous to see an alien with fake hair and it gave the audience a good laugh, it cheapened the whole series.  Come on Disney.  There are plenty of opportunities to make fun of the President, it doesn’t need to be done during our much loved franchise.

Finally, it seemed lame that Luke was thrown off the last remaining vestige of the Jedi Council.  Sure, he made a pass on Mara Jade but it seemed unclear whether or not they were in love or just mere colleagues on a mission.  Did Luke go too far in his affections?  Was he misunderstood?  Was he falsely accused or did our hero fall and make an unwanted sexual advance toward a fellow Jedi?  Look, I get it, just because Luke is our favorite Jedi doesn’t mean he gets free reign to abuse women so if he did it then he has no place on the council but I just think the council didn’t give Luke due process or a right to have a say.

I mean, Jek Fanna had a point.  “Keep your robot hand off the ladies’ asses, buddy.”  That’s wise advice that hopefully Luke will remember in the future.  Will he redeem himself?  I suppose we’ll find out in the next film.

Or maybe we won’t because literally everyone died at the end of this one, murdered by Jar Jar Binks, who was narrating the story based on items pinned to a bulletin board in an intergalactic police station the entire time.  #mindblown.

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3 thoughts on “Movie Review – Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

  1. I think you had me duped up until “male wookie on male wookie sex scene.” 😀
    Perhaps you were privy to the director’s cut version?

    • Did you see it? I understand how they want to appeal to social justice and include everyone but 25 minutes of wookies going at it seems a bit much. Frankly, 15 minutes I walked out, went to the bathroom, refilled my popcorn and checked my email and I returned and those wookies were still going at it. Disgraceful, really. Walt Disney is rolling over in his cryogenic chamber.

      • I believe they were trying to insert more social causes (besides the obvious pro-gay one) in shaping a few of the attendant, minor wookie character’s faces to resemble political straw men.
        I was trying to cover my kids’ faces, so I missed a few details. How long does Disney think a parent can restrain a struggling child, anyway?

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