What has been your experience using Google AdSense?

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.  Look, you guys have no idea how expensive a yeti cage is.  Plus, when that furry prick is incarcerated, I have to feed him, water him, I have to hire a guy to clip his toe nails and pick up his turds because I sure as hell am not doing that shit.

Bottomline, I need new ways to fund this ruckus.

Has anyone out there ever used Google AdSense?  Apparently, it is open to WordPress users and there is a plug-in you can use to make ads from Google pop up on your blog.  You’ll get paid for clicks, though you’ll have to rack up a certain dollar amount (100 bucks) before they send you any dough.

I’m curious how many clicks you need to reach that 100 buck mark.  Honestly, an extra hundred bucks a month could help around BQB HQ.  Even more would be welcomed.

How much traffic does your site need to even bother getting involved?  I mean, I have a little more than 3.5 readers but not much more.

Anyway, curious about your experience.

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4 thoughts on “What has been your experience using Google AdSense?

  1. da-AL says:

    can’t remember how many but it was so many that when I decided to pay for wordpress, I just got the cheapest one that would let me blog without their ads even tho it won’t let me use google adsense & plugins

    btw – the best wp thing I ever found is by going to wordpress help, there’s a chat available – if it isn’t available, go back later when it’s freed up — they’re the ones who answered the same question for me

    pls keep us posted about what you find — & good luck with your yeti

    • It wouldn’t allow you to put in adsense because you paid for WordPress? I feel like that would be more of a reason why they’d let you put in ads if you’re paying for it.

      I know WordPress ads come up on my posts so I wondered if Google ads would interfere with those or something.

      • da-AL says:

        do you pay for wordpress? if not, you can only add widgets (not plugins), you can’t add your own ads, & you can’t control ads that wp puts in

        if you get cheapst package, which I have, it erases ‘wordpress’ from url, as well as all ads. however, can only use widgets, not plugins

        pricier wp packages – tho all are reasonable $$ – are the ones where one can put up your own ads, shopping carts, use adsense, etc

        but even free ones can online chat with wp help. a good way to ask more involved sorts of questions ie yours about how to make $$ with adsense. I forgot what they told me when I asked, so would love to refresh memory if you ask…

  2. digressingme says:

    Google AdSense is steady but the minimum limit is quite high and I believe will get even higher in the future. You can feed your Yeti using this alternative to AdSense (more info here: https://digressingme.cool/getting-frustrated-with-adsense-try-this-adsense-alternative/ ), and you can also check more AdSense tips there (even the silliest one).

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