How the West Was Zombed – Chapter 31

My chapters are short…maybe too short. I’ve written 60 some odd chapters already but really I only have like 40,000 words total. But people see 60 and wonder why it is going on for so long.

I think people will get it when it is laid out in a book though. James Patterson does his chapters this way. Every time there’s a new scene, people have changed locations, a new point to make, there’s a new chapter.

This one is really short…almost too short. But not sure if anything can be done about it.

Miles throws himself in poop. I know. Gross. But now you want to keep reading to find out why, right?

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Of all the farmers in Highwater, Phil Tucker was by far the laziest. He rarely mucked out his pig pen and while a certain amount of slop is to be expected, most farmers take it upon themselves to grab a rake and tidy up before their neighbors feel like they’re ready to drop dead from the stench.

Even worse, Tucker just threw the pig’s food directly onto the pig poop so there was a fair amount of poop that had been eaten, digested, and turned into poop again.

Super poop, if you will.

Miles held his nose and stepped up backwards onto the pen’s fence. He closed his eyes, stretched out his arms, and fell backward into a pool of brown, disgusting, fly ridden, liquefied poop.

Slowly, he emerged with the mess dripping off of him. A few snorting pigs waddled over to check the intruder out but he…

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