The Dress

Top Ten Explanations for “The Dress”

gcmrcydrfpdfyamqbp8w1) It’s a CIA Mind Control Conspiracy.  The longer we stare at it, the more hypnotized we become…

2)  Same thing but aliens did it instead of the CIA.  I will have to consult Alien Jones on this.

3)  It’s an ancient Queen’s dress come back to haunt us.

4)  It is an intelligence test.

5)  It is an illuminati conspiracy to turn us against each other.  Where were you on the day the people who saw white and gold separated from the people who saw black and blue?

6)  Charlie Sheen found it crumpled up on his floor last night, hanged it up, and posted a pic.  Had no idea it would go viral.  Winning!

7) It’s a psychology study to see how long we, as a society, are willing to talk about mundane things.  Answer – a long time!

8)  It is a wearable Rorschach test.

9)  If you see white and gold, you are awesome.  Thus, proof I am awesome.

10) It is just a dress.

Seriously (or maybe not so seriously), I have long held a theory that perhaps people see things differently.   I have wondered – “What if, what I see as blue, other people see as red?”  and “What if, when I am talking about something I think is blue, people hear me say, ‘blue’ but they think of what I see as ‘red?'”

To blow your mind more, what if, what I see as people, you see what I believe to be lizards?  What if, when you look at a lizard, you see what I would see as a tiny little person walking around on all fours?


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6 thoughts on “The Dress

  1. Kelly Konda says:

    This all reminds me of a season 5 episode of angel where angel and spike argue about who would win in a fight, cavemen or astronauts. Everyone around them things it is the silliest thing in the world, but then they each inevitably get involved. That storyline was apparently inspired by the same basic thing playing out in real life with Joss Whedon in the writer’s room for the show.

    • Buffy and Angel – two shows I loved in my youth. I watch them and am instantly transported back to the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Buffy was fantastic. First few seasons of Angel were great. I hate to admit but I’ve never watched the last couple seasons of Angel. It just jumps the shark after awhile I’m afraid. I probably should force myself at some point just to be able to say I finished it.

  2. Gabriel Gibilisco says:

    Hard like into the dress:)

  3. Gabriel Gibilisco says:

    You will like this perspective about the dress:)

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