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Movie Review – Gringo (2018)

Weed, guns, complicated plots!

BQB here with a review of “Gringo.”

Hmmm.  What’s up with this film?  Well, every once in awhile, Hollywood dumps an ensemble cast into a confusing attempt at a witty, stylish, fast-paced crime comedy and this movie is 2018’s answer to that formula that really hasn’t worked since “Ocean’s 11.”

This movie is 2018’s attempt at such a film.

Here, Richard and Elaine (Joel Edgerton and Charlize Theron), are partners in crime, a duo of corrupt pharmaceutical company representatives/alpha types, the modern day equivalent of the wild sex having yuppies of the 1980s.

Together, they keep their thumb on Harold (David Oyelowo), a dutiful, nerdy employee, so unflinchingly loyal to his bosses that he’s not able to see their more sinister intentions.

During a trip to Mexico, where the company is attempting to perfect a weed pill outside of America’s jurisdiction, all hell breaks loose.  A kidnapping, drug dealers, a hitman with a heart of gold and a couple of hipsters all rain on Harold’s parade.

Charlize, who continues to give me boners and I doubt will never not give me boners, is naughty in this role, saying dirty words you’d never think you’d hear her say.

Meanwhile, David plays the nerd of stressed out, hyper-sensitive, over-worried nerd well.

STATUS: Shelf-worthy.  There are some cool scenes and fun laughs.  Overall, you might wait to rent it.

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