Daily Discussion with BQB – Is it Wrong to Look at Your Cell Phone in a Movie Theater?

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.

As you know, I’ve posted extensively on movie theater etiquette, believing the theater is a place where certain rules of decorum must be followed and no one should be doing things that bring down the enjoyment of others.

Thus, you can imagine my surprise when I, your humble blog host, was accused of engaging in such an activity.

While watching a movie, I felt my phone buzz.  It was a text message.  I looked at the screen for literally all of a second when a piece of candy whizzed by my head, landing on the floor next to me.

The text was from a BQB associate who wanted a ride from me after the movie, letting me know not to leave without said person.  I figured I’d wait till after the movie to respond, but a couple more texts came, the person was jittery I guess, wanting to make sure I didn’t leave, so I thought I’d just text back a quick, “OK.”

Literally, one more second after I looked at the screen again, the guy yells, “Hey dickhead!  Put it away!”

Now, I usually don’t confront people when they act like dicks.  In my youth, I often threw rude drivers the middle finger, only to get older and realize I should stop or else risk flipping off a possible serial killer.

So honestly, I tend to let a lot of things go out of a) fear the person will go nuts and the situation will become a big problem and b) maybe the person already punished himself by looking like a dick in public anyway.

But this one irked me.  I shouted back some choice words for the fellow and he piped down.  I admit, I had already determined it was a person I had a fairly decent chance of defending myself against if things went awry, though in retrospect, I shouldn’t acknowledged it….I don’t advise that you 3.5 readers engage such folk because you never know what someone is capable of, whether they appear threatening or not.

Anyway, the texter texted again and this time I got up, walked out of the theater and into the hallway just to type “OK” and it pissed me off because had Jerkface McGee not intervened, I could have typed ok earlier and gotten it all done with.

So, let me ask you this, 3.5 readers?   Does it bother you when someone’s cell phone screen is on during a movie?  Does the light of the screen distract you?  Does it bother you?  Does it hinder your movie enjoyment?

I don’t make it a point of pulling out my cellphone but this was a rare situation and….I mean maybe if I left the screen on for five minutes, but the exact second when it comes on the candy gets whipped?  Are you kidding me?

I don’t know.  Maybe I should have embellished.  “Hey assface, can you stop throwing the candy at me?!  I just found out my wife is in labor!!!!”

Eh…but then why would I be in a movie?  I guess because I’m a lousy husband.  Actually, I really am a lousy husband.  I’m such a bad husband I haven’t even gotten married yet.

Discuss, 3.5 readers.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Is it Wrong to Look at Your Cell Phone in a Movie Theater?

  1. Discuss, huh?
    -I think phones should be left home entirely. That’s how we did it in The Good Old Days.
    -We don’t have party lines anymore, you know. Everyone except you has a portable phone. They’re called “cellular telephones” and are MEANT to travel.
    -Can’t you put that thing away when you’re around living humans?!
    -Yeah, I might agree with you that some people shouldn’t ALWAYS be porting cell phones.
    -…… (Texting)
    -I’ll say! Just tonight, some dickhead pulled his GLOWING, BRIGHT screen in the middle of My Little Pony: Avengers. I had to throw a Jolly Rancher at him.
    -You didn’t. What happened?
    -…… (Probably Snapchat)
    -Idiot yelled something back, I think. He must’ve finally gotten the message, though, ’cause he left next time. They’re addicts, I tell you! I don’t need those annoying, bright annoyances blaring out whenever Youth These Days need a hit.
    -I think you’re overreacting.
    -Hmm? What’d I miss? Did Gramps throw a Jolly Rancher at another texter?

  2. I feel they should be put away during the movie unless you’re in the very top row corners, which is where I usually seat myself if I’m alone. I normally am too engrossed in the movie to even notice unless the person is right there in front of me

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