Daily Discussion with BQB – Buffy Reboot

Well, that sucks.  Pun intended.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” a show that won the hearts of 1990s teens, is being rebooted.

This stinks because if ever there was a show that was built to be continued instead of rebooted, it was Buffy.

SPOILER ALERT (You had 15 years to watch the series finale)  – The whole gist of Buffy was that it is hard to be a hero.  Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) had a hard time juggling work, school, family, and being Generation X’s vampire slayer, destined to fight the vamps and/or other demons pouring out of a Hellmouth underneath her home town, Sunnydale.

The series ends with Buffy getting a wish – no longer will each generation only have one slayer but there will be many slayers.  Buffy recruits like, hundreds of slayers to take one a big baddie in a finale battle royale, and she is able to rest easier knowing her burden is shared instead of being solely on her head.

So 1) each generation has 1 slayer so we could have a new millenial slayer or 2, there can be more slayers now.

I don’t get why they didn’t make a new show called “Kate the Vampire Slayer” and then maybe Sarah Michelle could advise the new slayer.  Maybe Buffy could become the new slayer’s watcher.

I’ll give it a chance but I don’t get reboots.  Every 10 years we’re just going to rehash the same story.

8 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Buffy Reboot

  1. Some things should not be rebooted. There are alternatives.
    Take Boy Meets World. They rebooted that shit with Girl Meets World. Boy grew up, married his youthful love, and now they have a kid. That was decent.

    • I think the issue is that the name “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” carries a lot of weight so they need a new Buffy.

      I don’t know if it’s possible to get the old gang back together to advise the new kids, or if that would come across as cheesy if they did. I think if they made a new slayer with a new name the fan base would be there regardless of the name.

      It’s easy for me to say, “Well, just get Buffy to be the new slayer’s watcher or something” but I have no idea if they can get enough money to make that happen or if that’s something she even wants to do. I suppose put together wrongly, it’d be just a pander to aging hipsters like me instead of an appeal to the young people these shows are mostly for.

      Still, this show had a rich backstory and history and was built for spinoffs. Hell, for a couple of seasons things on Buffy would affect things on Angel and vice versa so….I think their best bet would be go with a new slayer. Bring in the old crew if it is can be done awesomely, don’t do it if it will suck…try to balance out making us geezers happy while appealing to the next gen.

    • But while I’m complaining, last I knew, Buffy and Willow (actresses) looked in good shape. The guy who played Xander has had a bunch of run ins with the law but maybe this would be the comeback that could get him cleaned up. Meanwhile, Dawn was young on that show so she’s not even that old now. Anya (the character) died but the actress is still alive so maybe she could be resurrected.

      Spike and Angel actors and Drusilla actress are still around. Hell, Juliet Landau follows me on Twitter (shameless name drop.)

      • ROFL. I hated Drusilla. Now Spike was awesome. But he died on the show too.
        Xander is looking rough, he was on Criminal Minds for a while. But I imagine after 20 years as the slayers pet, he would look rough, so yeah bring him back. LOL. Maybe he’s new watcher and shameless name drops Buffy. LOL

      • They could bring back anyone with magic

  2. sheesh, the fangirls and fanboys wishing the show would continue are why fanfiction exists, anyway. I’m a firefly fan and old buffy fan, but re-booting just wouldn’t be right.

    I’d think “star wars: episode 1” was enough of a cautionary tale when it comes to re-visiting a much beloved and successful franchise after decades have gone by, right?

    • But at least they make new Star Wars movie. They don’t just make a new movie every 10 years where a new guy plays Luke and kisses his sister all over again.

      • No, but they take memorable parts and skirt the edge of plagiarism. Only the characters are different, but similar scenarios put them there (esp in episode 2) Honest Trailers pointed a lot of these out (hee hee)

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