Daily Discussion with BQB – Where Would You Travel To?

Hey 3.5 readers.

Suppose money wasn’t an object.  Some generous benefactor will donate a trip to any country you want to visit.  It won’t be a rich, luxury trip to all the best hotels and restaurants and such.  We’ll say it’ll be a middle class trip.  You’ll stay somewhere relatively comfortable and be able to go on excursions and see the sights and so on.

Anyway, where would you go and why?

Me personally?  Hmm.  Maybe this is wrong but I’d like to go anywhere in Western Europe.  England, Scandanavia, Germany, Spain, Italy and so on.  Or Australia.  Honestly, there are a lot of places in America I’d like to see.

In theory, India, Thailand, China, pretty much anywhere else seem interesting but I fear because I don’t know the language I might make a mistake and not be able to talk myself out of it and end up in jail forever.  It’s probably silly but I keep thinking of the little known Claire Danes movie “Brokedown Palace” about two teen girls who, on a whim, go on a summer vacay to Thailand.  Some dude stashes some drugs in their bags unbeknownst to them and they end up spending life in a Thai prison with only Bill Pullman trying to save them.

Probably unlikely but hey, you never know.

I also like nice, warm tropical places.  I like the Caribbean.  I also like Florida.  Honestly, it is my sincere hope that you 3.5 readers will buy enough of my books that I will be able to buy a nice spread in Florida.  So if you could each buy like 1 million of my books, that would be great.  Frankly, 1 million copies of my writing prompts e-book sounds like a good investment to me.

Where would you go, 3.5 readers?


5 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Where Would You Travel To?

  1. My husband always likes to answer this one with, “The moon,” since there are no stipulations. I think, more realistically, I’d like to go to England.

  2. janetsm says:

    I would go to Scotland because I’ve been there before and fell in love with it. It’s where my ancestors lived, and I felt at home there.

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