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The Walking Dead 11/09/14


We didn’t get to see what is going on with Carol at the hospital but a major plot bomb was dropped tonight – we learned that Eugene was in fact, full of crap.  He was a mullet wearing doofus in shorts who claimed to be on a mission to get to Washington, D.C. to use his scientific mind to bring about a cure to the zombie apocalypse.  There was an ongoing question of – is he lying?  Is he for real?  Does he have a zombie cure?  Is he full of crap?

Turns out he was full of crap and ended up getting a severe beat-down by Abraham, so much so that it pretty much looks like he’s dead but we’ll have to find out next week.

We learned more about Abraham’s character – that he lost his family and was about to give it all up when Eugene recruited him for his fake mission (i.e. claiming to be a scientist that needed to get to DC but in reality was just a coward conning people into taking him to DC because he thought that would be the safest location).

It has been a pretty captivating season of The Walking Dead – what thoughts do you have on this zombie-tastic series?

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The Walking Dead – 11/02/14

After a hiatus, Beth returned to tonight’s Walking Dead with an all Beth episode.


Beth wakes up in a hospital in Atlanta.  To borrow Talking Dead’s term, she’s been “save-napped.”  A hospital operated by police officers and one remaining doctor (he conspires to get another doctor killed for his own job security, so to speak)  have saved her but now they expect her to work in indentured servitude until she works off her debt.  In other words – there is no safe refuge in the Walking Dead.  Woodbury, Terminus, now the Hospital – they’re all run by someone evil and they all abuse their subjects.

Guinea pigs for dinner, a pervert police officer gets his come-uppance, Beth and a fellow captive, Noah (played by that kid from Everybody Hates Chris) make an escape attempt but Beth gets caught.

At the very end of the episode, Carol is admitted as a patient.  The history of the show tells us that Carol won’t put up with this crap.

What’s next for The Walking Dead?  Bookshelfbattle.com will be discussing the show every Sunday night and check out my Walking Dead Tweets by following @bookshelfbattle

In conclusion, GRR!  ARGH!  BRAINS!

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