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Charlie Murphy Kicks Habitual Line Stepper Rick James

Hey 3.5 readers.  Still feeling bummed about Charlie Murphy.  There ought to be a law that everyone gets at least 100 years, no matter what.

Anyway, I’ve been watching Charlie’s True Hollywood Stories from Chapelle’s Show, where he recounts how he met lost a basketball game to and was later served pancakes by Prince and how he kicked Rick James because Rick had punched him the face and left a big mark on his forehead earlier in the evening.

Here’s a GIF I made to memorialize the kick.  For some reason, I can’t get it to embed unless I post it as my Twitter comment.

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RIP Charlie Murphy

Sad news in the comedy world, 3.5 readers, as comedian Charlie Murphy has died at age 57 from leukemia.

Charlie was the right hand man of his brother, Eddie, working as a writer on many of his films.  He became a breakout success in his own right as an actor on Chapelle’s Show.  His sketches in which he recounted meeting Rick James and Prince were especially popular.

57 is way too young.  Makes me sad, 3.5 readers.  Makes me sad.

Watch Charlie meet Rick James here.

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TV Review – Dave Chapelle Netflix Special

OJ Simpson meetings.  The Age of Spin.  Care bears.  Bill Cosby.

BQB here with a review of Dave Chapelle’s Netflix special.

After a ten year hiatus, Dave Chapelle is back in the game and at 42, he hasn’t lost the spring in his step.  Though he does look and come off as a bit older and wiser, he’s still got that ability to drop laugh out loud truth bombs.  That’s no easy feat, and even more difficult in today’s politically correct, “naughty jokes are so offensive” landscape we seem to be living in.

You don’t want to hear me tell Dave’s jokes, so just watch his special instead.  To summarize without spoiling, he’s shaken about Bill Cosby (imagine learning someone you have loved and admired for years was hiding a disturbing secret).  He feels bad for millennials because he was raised by the Care Bears to care, whereas today, so many terrible things are happening on the news that it is impossible to care about it all.  Youngsters are living in “The Age of Spin” i.e. no one’s looking for the truth anymore, but just the best version they agree with.

I loved Chapelle’s Show from the early 2000s.  I have great memories of popping in his DVDs and watching them over and over again.  I wish Dave had kept up with his act over the years but then again, maybe there are some stars that shine so bright they need a rest before they can shine again.

Dave is still shining.  Shine on, Dave Chapelle.  Shine on.

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Walking Dead Chapelle’s Show on SNL

Hey 3.5 readers/Walking Dead fans.

BQB here.

Dave Chapelle parodied the Neegan baseball bat scene from The Walking Dead using Chapelle’s show characters.

Chapelle’s Show was so funny…like one of those rare sketch comedy shows where every sketch was hilarious.  I wish he’d made more.

Anyway, here it is:

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