Daily Discussion with BQB – What is Your Favorite Christmas Carol?

What is your favorite Christmas carol 3.5 readers?  I have to go with Jingle Bells.

Jingle Bells, the Yeti smells, my blog has laid an egg..

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4 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – What is Your Favorite Christmas Carol?

  1. My grown up Christmas wish.
    I’m cheesy I know.

  2. Favorite, with heart and whatnot, has to be “Carol of the Bells,” but ONLY when sung by the Norwegian Girls Choir of Oslow (you can hear ’em on Rick Steve’s European Christmas album, which somebody gave me). I’ve never known the words, not entirely, but the sound is fantastic and just make it all like “wow.” I think my soul gets stirred every time I hear it.

    Otherwise, my candidates for other honorary positions below:
    –for all around listening, doesn’t matter who sings: “Hark, the herald angels sing!”

    –for silly fun singing, but not really a carol: “Marley and Marley” from “The Muppet Christmas Carol” or “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch” from…duh.

    –for all around smiles, not a carol though: the “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” album

    –for choking someone to if they don’t stop mimicking it: “Feliz Navidad” (I’ve only heard 2 or 3 versions, but the one that grates on my ears is the one where the singer sounds almost nasal and harsh when he sings the Spanish parts, but suddenly doesn’t for the rest of the song–GAH! Surest way for me to commit murder is when a friend imitates that sound!)

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