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Movie Review – Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)

Busting makes me feel good, 3.5 readers.

The reviews thus far aren’t great, but I liked this movie. If I have one complaint, it’s with the ending and while I found it to be an enjoyable ending, I understand why reviewers aren’t being kind.

SPOILER ALERT: I don’t think I can talk about it without giving major spoilers as well as giving the entire ending away, so look away if you don’t want literally the whole movie spoiled for you.

The movie begins with the revelation that an elderly Egon Spengler long ago abandoned his ghostbusting pals as well as his family and moved to the middle of nowhere to become a lonely, dirt farming hermit.

Thus begins the captivating mystery of the film – why on earth would Egon do such a thing?

After the nerdiest G-Buster’s untimely demise, his estranged daughter and grandchildren who he never met, financially down on their luck, move to the dilapidated farmhouse left to them and make it their new home. McKenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard’s bro/sis team Phoebe and Trevor (spitting images of Harold Ramis) team up with science teacher Mr. Grooberson to investigate the strange, supernatural doings in town, slowly but surely working their way through Egon’s left behind research and clues.

Ultimately they unravel (YOUR LAST CHANCE TO AVOID A SPOILER)…yeah, it’s just freaking Gozer and the devil dogs causing trouble again. Cue original Ghostbuster team cameo to rush to the kids’ aid and a…well I’m still debating if it’s a sweet loving tribute or blasphemous cashgrab of a cameo of a computerized Harold Ramis as a ghost. He doesn’t slime anyone or say anything really. He just finally gets to meet his grand kids and have a moment with his daughter where all is forgiven and they realize he never wanted to abandon them, he was just trying to save the world.

So…I’d say 2/3 of this movie managed to build something new, walking the fine line between fan service and going in a new direction, and then the last third is just plenty o’ fan service, callbacks, gag repeats and cameos. If they could have found, say, an entirely new threat that Egon was fighting, it might have saved the film from bad reviews but the franchise’s inability to score a modern day critical hit seems to lie with the fact that the writers can’t come with a villain other than Gozer.

It almost made it and even so, I found the ending fun just…yeah, I get why the critics have a problem with it. Still, McKenna Grace does a fun turn as a 12 year old female Spengler clone, putting her grandfather’s quirks and mannerisms on full display.

STATUS: Shelf-worthy. SPOILER ALERT – A post credit scene shows us that Winston Zeddmore has become a multi-billionaire/financial genius. He proposes using his big bankroll to turn the Ghostbusting franchise into an international company so…perhaps the next film will give us Ghostbusters in Europe? Japan? Africa? Australia? Who knows? Just…well, look, I’m just a silly old fanboy from way back so if you give me the fanservice, I’ll lap it up like the dog that I am but if you want decent critic reviews, you’re going to have to come up with a villain, any villain than Gozer. Name him Schmozer or something. Make an attempt an originality.

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Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

Hey 3.5 readers.

Video Game Rack Fighter here.  BQB continues to live a life in exile at the Random Motel.

Did you miss the Stranger Things 2 trailer during the Super Bowl?  Here it is.  Good news?  Eggos and Ghostbusters.  Bad news?  It’s not back until October!

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#31WaysToDefeatAVampire – Way #7 -Terrible Reboots

By: Count Krakovich, Asshat Vampire



I just watched the new Ghostbusters reboot on demand.  Bleh, that’s money I’ll never get back.

It doesn’t really hold up.  I mean, bleh, the first time it was ok but now that I see it again and can analyze it a bit it is just all cheap jokes crowbarred in there.

Show a vampire a bad reboot and he or she will hiss and run away.  Vampires are known for their good taste.

Which bad movie reboot makes you want to hiss and run away?

Discuss in the comments, bleh.

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Movie Review – Ghostbusters (2016)

Ghostbusters with vaginas. What will they think of next?

Who you gonna call?



BQB here with a review of the revamped Ghostbusters.

I can’t think of another movie that inspired so much hype, controversy, nerd rage and socio-politcal debate.

So rather than an all out review, I’ll anticipate and answer the questions of my 3.5 readers.


Yes.  It was your pretty standard summer movie.


No, because that was too perfect.  “Alexander wept because he had no more worlds to conquer.”

As a movie-goer, I weep because there’s very little Hollywood can do to wow me. All the special effects tricks have been discovered, CGI has been around forever, every line has been crossed, every boundary has been pushed.

The original film mixed special effects, action and comedy into something no one had ever seen before. I was wowed when I saw it as a little kid. Thirty some odd years later, I’ve seen it all now when it comes to movies.  I suppose there won’t be a new boundary to push until they create some kind of immersive virtual reality movie or something.

Millennials, you’ll never experience the awe I did as a boy sitting in a theater with a crowd of people who had never seen life like ghosts on screen for the first time.  But don’t feel too bad because all that really means in the grand scheme of things is I’ve got less time before I become a ghost than you do.


No. Anyone who takes up the Ghostbusters gauntlet has taken on a massive challenge.  “Oh yes. Let me remake the movie that every adult remembers fondly from their childhood.”

No. No pressure at all.

But they did about as good as anyone could under that pressure.

They were funny. They played their characters well.  In my opinion, Kate McKinnon as wacky inventor Holtzmann and Leslie Jones as “keeping it real” Patty stole the show.


Probably not.  McKinnon and Jones, as well as Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig were all believable as three scientists and a New York history buff turned paranormal investigators and eliminators.

They didn’t really do anything to overtly point out that “hey we’re lady Ghostbusters.” Instead, they went through the same difficulties the original Ghostbusters went through i.e. trying to figure out the science of ghost busting without blowing themselves up while the fate of the world is on the line.

That’s a lot of pressure for anyone, whether they have a penis or a vagina.

There was a running gag where they post their ghost footage to YouTube and have to deal with crackpot social media comments, an obvious dig at the online backlash the film went through.


Hmm.  Well, I doubt that was the intent. Her character is a subway worker who in her spare time studies New York City history, thus her knowledge of what lies underneath the city and its history becomes essential to the team.

In other words, she wasn’t a scientist but she wasn’t dumb either.


There were times that I laughed. There were jokes that fell flat. Funniest moments came from Holtzmann, Patty, and the gang’s super dumb man-secretary, Kevin (Chris Hemsworth.)

For me personally, there were not any of the gut-busting, uncontrollable “I can’t stop laughing” laughs which is what you’d like to see in a Ghostbusters movie.


Yes and no.  There were many repeats and homages to the fans’ favorite jokes and/or scenes.  I’ll let you watch and pick them out on your own.

Plot wise, there is a lot of similarity.  Scientists create inventions to catch ghosts. Because they are breaking new ground, they make mistakes along the way. The public can’t comprehend the existence of ghosts so they think the Ghostbusters are charlatans. They butt heads with the Mayor and the government. Oh, and Slimer.

The ghosts look great with modern CGI/special effects but again, something about seeing all that in 1984 when it was new made it more awesome.

But – there was a lot of effort to redevelop the plot.  Without getting too spoilery, the villain, Rowan, is a big nerd who wants to get back at the world for all the bullying he went through by unleashing ghosts upon the world.

Most of the original cast members have fun cameos.  Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts stop by, not as their original characters but as random folks the new Ghostbusters meet along the way.

Sadly, Rick Moranis didn’t stop by though that would have been cool.  Even sadder, Harold Ramis is no longer able to stop by but there was a touching nod to him.


I don’t think so.  You may have not liked it for any number of non-female hating reasons. Maybe you think Hollywood is filled with hacks who can’t come up with original ideas anymore. Maybe you loved the original so much you think it was blasphemous to create a new one (newsflash – the original one is still available and you can watch it anytime!)

You might even argue that as fans, we have long waited for the Ghostbusters to do something new. Yes, this is new but I mean new as in, don’t save New York again but perhaps delve into the myriad of possible threats that a team of ghost investigators might face.

In fact, given that three out of the four original Ghostbusters are alive and in relatively good condition given their age, one wonders if, in the right hands, a movie where we see what the old Ghostbusters have been up to for the past thirty years before they pass the baton to a new team might have been possible. Then again, I have to remind myself that would have only been interesting to anyone under 35 years old.  Sorry over 35 crowd, but Hollywood just considers you a waste of space.

I liked it.  I didn’t LOVE it. It isn’t something I’ll want to rewatch over and over.  But as summer movies go, it did satisfy the prerequisites – i.e. I got to escape my problems for two hours and I had a good time.


Yes. It’s just a movie.


Yes. Abby (McCarthy) and Erin (Wiig) begin the film as estranged friends who once co-wrote a book about the existence of ghosts.

Years later after going their separate ways (Abby wanted to keep chasing ghosts while Erin wanted to pursue a career as a serious professor), Erin’s efforts to secure a tenured physics professor position become threatened when Abby puts their ghost book up for sale on Amazon, so she seeks out Abby to demand that she take the book down.

Self-publishing made it into a Ghostbusters movie!


STATUS: Shelf-worthy.  And due to the CGI ghosts, worth seeing on the big screen.

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New Ghostbusters Trailer

Hey 3.5 Readers.

There’s a new Ghostbusters trailer out.  Eh, in some ways it looks like the original but then in other ways it looks like it branches out.

I’ll give it a try. What do you think?

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New Ghostbusters Movie Preview

It’s finally here, the preview for the new all-female Ghostbusters movie:

My main observation is it looks and feels like the original.

They’re not quite like the original team but:

A)  You’ve got the lovable, almost childish nerd Ray (Dan Akroyd) vs. Abby (Melissa McCarthy)

B)  The glasses wearing ultra smart nerd – Egon (Harold Ramis) vs. Jillian (Kate McKinnon)

C)  The leader – Venkman (Bill Murray) vs. Erin (Kristen Wiig)

D)  The black non-scientist who talks the scientists into keeping it real – Winston (Ernie Hudson) vs. Patty (Leslie Jones)

I’ll just throw it out there.  A Ghostbusters sequel has always been a very high hurdle to jump over because the first was so great.

It was such an original and funny idea – serious so you felt a sense of danger but hilarious that you kept laughing.

In this preview, you have what looks like a ghost in a library.  A giant monster in New York.  Tributes to the original.  But then again, the tough part about comedy movie sequels is that people ALWAYS expect a repeat of the original movie’s jokes.

I don’t know.  They’re not deviating from the original formula, that’s for sure.  But then if they went off the deep end into something too new people would criticize that too.

I want it to be good.  I hope it is good.  I can’t believe it’s been 30 years though.  Holy shit.

You know, I really don’t care that it is an all woman cast.  I know some people have complained about it.  I just want it to be good, funny and enjoyable.

I will say this – we’ve come a long way that there are so many female nerd moviegoers that an all female Ghostbusters cast would get the studio green light.  These nerd women were nowhere to be found when I was a young lad.

I’m also glad to see whatever idea they’re going with here does not wipe out the first two movies.  It exists in the same world and at least according to IMDB some of the original Ghostbusters will be making cameos.

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February 14, 2016 – The Nerdiest Valentine’s Day in History – Pris from Blade Runner, Ghostbusters 2

Hey 3.5 Readers,

Valentine’s Day this year was the nerdiest Valentine’s Day in history.

First, Ghostbusters 2, released in 1989, predicted that the world would come to an end on February 14, 2016.

Or at least a guest on Peter Venkman’s TV show did:

More on that from NY Daily News and link to the clip.  

Or just watch it here on Youtube in this video posted by ghostbusters.net

Remember, he had that lady on who said she was abducted by an alien and taken to his room at the Holiday Inn in Paramus, New Jersey?  Or that it might have been a room on the space ship designed to look like a room at the Holiday Inn?

Oh those sneaky aliens.

I saw Ghostbusters 2 in the theater when I was a kid.  I feel old as shit.

But wait, there’s more!  Pris, one of the replicants Harrison Ford chases in Blade Runner was created on February 14, 2016. She was played by Darryl Hannah.

Daryl reminded the Internet here and then the Nerdosphere went haywire:

So…in conclusion…

Happy Birthday Pris.  I’m glad the world didn’t come to an end so that you could be born, or I guess what’s it called when a replicant is born?  Incepted.  Today is Pris’ Inception Day.  Happy Inception Day.

Now that you’ve been incepted, please don’t kill William Sanderson and please don’t try to strangle Harrison Ford to death with your legs.

What a nerdy Valentine’s Day.  I’d like to thank the lonely nerds who spread word of these events for sticking true to their nerdyness and not spending the time on something crazy like, I don’t know, finding a date or something.

P.S. if that isn’t enough nerdy shit for you, The Walking Dead is back on the air and Deadpool tore it up at the box office.




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New Ghostbusters Movie -Chris Hemsworth in Nerdface – #OscarsSoPretty

Once again, they slap a pair of glasses on a beautiful person instead of giving a nerd role to a genuine nerd.

For shame, Hollywood!  For shame!

#OscarsSoPretty !

Read more on Access Hollywood

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Movie Review – Spy – 2015

It’s original.  It’s not a reboot of a remake of a sequel.  It’s the breakout success of the summer.  And it left BQB rolling in the aisles.

Bookshelf Q. Battler here with a review of the comedy/action film Spy.


Movie Trailer – Spy – 20th Century Fox

I have to admit going into this I wasn’t expecting much, so I love it when a movie leaves me pleasantly surprised and wanting more.

Melissa McCarthy’s great and all but for awhile I’ve felt her best performance was in Bridesmaids and everything else was just icing on the cake.

Until now.

McCarthy stars as Susan Cooper, a desk jockey CIA analyst who provides mission support for CIA agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law).

When the covers of the CIA’s top agents are blown, the situation calls for a real nobody to save the day, someone the enemy has never heard of before.

Or in other words, Susan Cooper.

Over the years, many films have tried to blend action with comedy with mixed results.  Sometimes there’s a focus on the comedy and the action is watered down or vice versa.  This film, on the other hand, provides the perfect mix of both.  I was slapping my knee uncontrollably at all the funny bits but at the same time, was blown away with visual effects and fight scenes that rival any of the other action blockbusters out this summer.

McCarthy’s stock will no doubt rise after this picture.  Not to give too much away, but she hilariously overcomes various lame cover identities to take control and bring down a scheme to sell a nuclear bomb.

What’s the key to a great comedy?  For me, it’s uncontrollable laughter.  Laughter is as real as it gets when it comes to emotional reaction.  You either laugh or you don’t and I can’t remember a movie that left me guffawing like an idiot the way this one did.

Jason Statham shows a new side of himself as he provides a parody of every tough guy he’s ever played in the form of Agent Rick Ford.  As a running joke in the film, Ford continuously regales Cooper with countless stories of dangers he’s encountered on the job.  He’s been shot, stabbed, set on fire, and ingested one-hundred and seven varieties of poison, just to name a few.

Statham with a sense of humor.  Who knew he had it in him?

As Rayna, the bad girl of the film, Rose Byrne proves that various dirty words said with a British accent become that much more hilarious.

British actress Miranda Hart plays Cooper’s sidekick Nancy, another CIA desk jockey who’s thrust into the thick of it without any prior field experience.  I’d never heard of her before but her performance left me hoping to see more of her in the future.

Ultimately, this movie pokes fun at the James Bond films and yet, not only does it do that well, it becomes something special all of its own.

As you might be aware, Director Paul Feig and McCarthy are a comedic duo.  Feig provides the film know how while McCarthy provides the laughs.

Up until now, the duo hadn’t provided a movie with intense action and special effects but if this film is an indication of what they are capable of, then this critic is resting a little easier knowing that the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot is in good hands.

STATUS:  Shelf worthy.

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Ghostbusters Reboot

I wish it was a continuation (i.e. a sequel) rather than a reboot.

It could start with Ray (Dan Akyroyd) and Winston (Ernie Hudson) selling the old firehouse to a new group of female Ghostbusters.  After the cash is handed over and the papers are signed, Ray and Winston retire to Florida where they, oh I don’t know, become fishing boat captains.  Or buddy cops.

Perhaps this is overly-nerdy of me, but I feel like a reboot wipes out the past universe of a movie franchise, whereas a sequel continues it.

Unless you’re into varying timelines.  Or aren’t a nerd who spends too much time thinking about these things.

What say you, readers?  What are your thoughts on the Ghostbusters reboot?

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