New Ghostbusters Movie Preview

It’s finally here, the preview for the new all-female Ghostbusters movie:

My main observation is it looks and feels like the original.

They’re not quite like the original team but:

A)  You’ve got the lovable, almost childish nerd Ray (Dan Akroyd) vs. Abby (Melissa McCarthy)

B)  The glasses wearing ultra smart nerd – Egon (Harold Ramis) vs. Jillian (Kate McKinnon)

C)  The leader – Venkman (Bill Murray) vs. Erin (Kristen Wiig)

D)  The black non-scientist who talks the scientists into keeping it real – Winston (Ernie Hudson) vs. Patty (Leslie Jones)

I’ll just throw it out there.  A Ghostbusters sequel has always been a very high hurdle to jump over because the first was so great.

It was such an original and funny idea – serious so you felt a sense of danger but hilarious that you kept laughing.

In this preview, you have what looks like a ghost in a library.  A giant monster in New York.  Tributes to the original.  But then again, the tough part about comedy movie sequels is that people ALWAYS expect a repeat of the original movie’s jokes.

I don’t know.  They’re not deviating from the original formula, that’s for sure.  But then if they went off the deep end into something too new people would criticize that too.

I want it to be good.  I hope it is good.  I can’t believe it’s been 30 years though.  Holy shit.

You know, I really don’t care that it is an all woman cast.  I know some people have complained about it.  I just want it to be good, funny and enjoyable.

I will say this – we’ve come a long way that there are so many female nerd moviegoers that an all female Ghostbusters cast would get the studio green light.  These nerd women were nowhere to be found when I was a young lad.

I’m also glad to see whatever idea they’re going with here does not wipe out the first two movies.  It exists in the same world and at least according to IMDB some of the original Ghostbusters will be making cameos.

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11 thoughts on “New Ghostbusters Movie Preview

  1. acflory says:

    -sigh- If the trailer is showing the best bits then I’m saving my money. :/

  2. I agree, that railer blew and not in a good way. I do however want to rewatch the first one. LOL

    • Sometimes they make a movie so perfect they should just drop the mic and call it a day. And Ghostbusters 2 was pretty funny but it got a lot of criticism that it wasn’t as good as the first one so they just never made another one.

      The problem with comedy sequels/reboots is people expect the jokes to be repeated or else they’re disappointed, but then they will complain that the jokes weren’t original also.

      I don’t know. I give it up to them that they were willing to take the challenge. I hope it works. I’m a little worried no one can do it though.

  3. I like that it’s a sequel and not a reboot. Spiderman and Batman have been rebooted so many times, I’m dizzy.

    • Apparently I was wrong. I’ve since read it is a reboot and not a sequel. The “Thirty years ago four scientists…” is a reference to the movie but wasn’t intended to make you think they’re following in the original teams’ footsteps.

      Except that is what it makes you think. Oddly, IMDB does list Murray, Akroyd, and Hudson as all starring so…how that works and yet it isn’t a sequel I don’t know. Unless they don’t play Ghostbusters but maybe they play other people just for the fun of having them in it.

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