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Hitler Reacts to BQB

Hey 3.5 readers.

Did you know that Hitler used to read this blog?  I’m not bragging…I mean, you can’t control who your 3.5 readers are.  I’m just surprised that at the close of World War II, when the allies were closing in on Berlin, he didn’t have anything to do other than to bitch about how shitty my blog was…is?

I don’t know how he read it in 1945.  Time traveling web browser, maybe.

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Historical Celebrity Photos

At some point, Jake will start crossing paths with historical figures.

It’s a definite that he’ll collaborate with FDR and Gen. George S. Patton to take down Hitler.

But, and I’m not sure yet, but he might also have encounters with mobsters like Bugsy Siegel, Lucy Luciano, Meyer Lanky, etc.

He may even work with J. Edgar Hoover on a case.

Question about finding/using pictures of historical photos.

Do these pictures just belong to the ages?  FDR was our president so are we entitled to use an FDR photo whenever we want?

What about generals?  Mobsters?

What about Hitler?  I don’t want to be sued by Hitler.

The question is, can historical photos of famous folk be grabbed and used?  If not, is there some kind of repository or place that permission can be asked to use such photos?

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