Hitler Reacts to BQB

Hey 3.5 readers.

Did you know that Hitler used to read this blog?  I’m not bragging…I mean, you can’t control who your 3.5 readers are.  I’m just surprised that at the close of World War II, when the allies were closing in on Berlin, he didn’t have anything to do other than to bitch about how shitty my blog was…is?

I don’t know how he read it in 1945.  Time traveling web browser, maybe.

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3 thoughts on “Hitler Reacts to BQB

  1. I’ve seen the whole movie a dozen times, so I know what they’re really saying in nearly every part of it, but it cracks me up how much fun you can have with Hitler exploding, and in how many hilarious formats.

    • I can’t find the movie anywhere but I’d like to see it. My historical understanding is the allies were closing in but Hitler says don’t worry, Steiner will hold them off but his generals inform him that Steiner and his troops cut and run so he’s pissed.

      • There are a few copies of Downfall on ebay and barnes and noble that I could see. Just make sure you get the right region code for your machine (hee hee). And hope you don’t mind subtitles. Intense flick.

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