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Daily Discussion with BQB – KodakCoin

Hey 3.5 readers.

Kodak’s stock tripled today based on news that it is launching a new product, “KodakCoin,” getting in on the cryptocurrency phenomenon.

Gotta be honest, I’m surprised Kodak is still in business.  I dabble in the stock market, but I never would have thought to buy shares in Kodak because, I mean, their main claim to fame was built on physical camera film, which is basically like producing Model T fords or dinosaur pants.

Millennials, there was a time when you had to load film into your camera and the little gremlins inside your camera would etch a rough sketch of what you were pointing your camera at.  I’m pretty sure how that works.

Amazingly, Kodak remained in business over the years.  I believe if you ever go to a store and get physical prints of your digital photos, its usual a Kodak machine, so they showed some conversion to modern tech power.  Still, it’s got to be hard on a company when the product they were known for, i.e. Kodak film, becomes obsolete.

Not sure what KodakCoin is but it sounds like they’re devising a way for photographers to get paid when hteir images are used.  If you know more about it, tell me and also will you use it?

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BQB Does Disney World – Main Street Confectionary

Rice Krispy treats. Candy apples. Cookies. All delicious, mouse shaped and at this time of year, Halloween themed.

Not gonna lie, 3.5 readers. Most of these are going to be about food.

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How the West Was Zombed – Chapter 47


On the front steps of the church, Slade, Sarah, Gunther, and Ophelia Hutchins stood, staring in awe at what was in front of them.

“Is this thing going to kill me?” Gunther asked. The ex-deputy was looking more dapper than usual. His hair was pulled back in a pony tail and he sported a suit that looked like it had seen better days, but was an improvement just the same.

“Perhaps we shouldn’t talk, Mr. Beauregard,” Ophelia said. Busybody that she was, the overweight housewife had snookered her way in as Sarah’s Maid of Honor earlier in the day.

“No,” Gunther said. “I really want to know. Is this thing going to kill me? If that thing is going to explode and shoot flames at me I have a right to know.”

Mr. O’Brien pulled his head out from the heavy black curtain attached to his  camera and addressed Gunther.

“It’s perfectly safe,” O’Brien said.

“Impossible,” Gunther said. “I read in the paper one of those things blew up at a hoedown in Kentucky and set a hundred people on fire.”

“It was only a dozen people,” O’Brien said. “And besides, that was a decade ago. The technology has improved greatly since then.”

“Do we not know what we all look like?” Gunther said as he stared at the flash standing on a pole next to O’Brien. “Do we really have to risk being burnt to a crisp just to commemorate what we already know?”

“Mr. Beauregard,” O’Brien said. “Photography is quickly becoming a part of life. Why, the top experts in the field have theorized that one day cameras will become so simple and compact that ordinary laymen will be able to carry these miraculous devices with them and document everything they see.”

“Why in the hell would anyone want to do that?” Gunther asked.

“I don’t know,” O’Brien said. “People might like to share their experiences with one another. If you see something interesting you could take a picture of it and show your friends.”

“I could just tell people what it looked like,” Gunther said. “And don’t people know what everything looks like already? If I see a tree, can’t I just tell you I saw a tree? Do you need to see a picture of the tree?”

“People could take pictures of each other,” O’Brien said.

“What kind of narcissistic jackasses would want to sit around taking pictures of each other all day?” Gunther asked. “And then what would they do? Show the pictures of themselves to each other? Sounds boring as all get out.”

“One day people might even be able to take pictures of themselves,” O’Brien said.

“Well now you’re just talking crazy,” Gunther said.

O’Brien returned under his curtain. “Now everyone please stay perfectly still for the next minute. Starting…now.”

“A whole minute?” Gunther asked.

“Let’s try it again,” O’Brien said. “Starting now.”

The wedding party remained solemn faced and perfectly still for sixty whole seconds. Sparks flew out of the flash. Gunther drew his sidearm and pointed it at the pole then seeing no danger, holstered his weapon.

“Sorry,” Gunther said. “Reflex.”

O’Brien popped out from under the blanket. “Yes,” the photographer said. “I do believe that will be lovely folks. I’ll have it ready in a month.”

“This world’s going to hell,” Gunther said.

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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party vs. Universal Halloween Horror Nights

By: Some Random Jerkface, BQB’s Editorial Assistant

Hello 3.5 readers.  Some Random Jerkface here.  While BQB was mired in the East Randomtown Zombie Apocalypse, yours truly was living it up in sunny Florida.

So in Orlando, there’s Walt Disney World and its unruly upstart rival, Universal Studios.

Who puts on the better Halloween shindig?

Probably all depends on who your are and your personal preference.


Yeah.  They aren’t lying about that not so scary party part.  They pretty much take the guy in the Mickey Mouse costume and whip a Halloween costume over his mouse costume.


Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that.  After all, it’s Walt Disney World.  Of course Mickey isn’t going to be scary.  If you have ragamuffins, this is where to take them on Halloween.

Maleficient is a little scarier:


Meanwhile if you ever go on a Disney Cruise, you might spot Jack Sparrow, up high:



Or down low:


However, if you’re sans ragamuffins and want the ever loving crap scared out of you, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is the place you want to be.

Disney has Mickey in a Halloween costume.  UHHN has Jack, a damn murderous psychopathic clown:


He brings up “spectators” on stage to be maimed and/or murdered in his show, the Carnival of Carnage.


SPOILER ALERT:  I’m pretty sure she’s just an actor pretending to be one of Jack’s victims.  Still, if you see Jack walking down the street, you might want to beat feat in the opposite direction just to be safe.

Oh and don’t forget his hot she-clown girlfriend, Chance:


Yeah, she’s a total Harley Quinn ripoff but she was funny just the same.  Jack and Chance know how to work a crowd, or work it over, as the case may be:


But try to stay off the stage:


For the Bookshelf Battle Blog, this has been Some Random Jerkface

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Historical Celebrity Photos

At some point, Jake will start crossing paths with historical figures.

It’s a definite that he’ll collaborate with FDR and Gen. George S. Patton to take down Hitler.

But, and I’m not sure yet, but he might also have encounters with mobsters like Bugsy Siegel, Lucy Luciano, Meyer Lanky, etc.

He may even work with J. Edgar Hoover on a case.

Question about finding/using pictures of historical photos.

Do these pictures just belong to the ages?  FDR was our president so are we entitled to use an FDR photo whenever we want?

What about generals?  Mobsters?

What about Hitler?  I don’t want to be sued by Hitler.

The question is, can historical photos of famous folk be grabbed and used?  If not, is there some kind of repository or place that permission can be asked to use such photos?

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Vote for Walking Dead Bookshelf Battle Banners

Well, this is getting ridiculous. As my 3.5 regular readers are aware, the theme of this blog is an ongoing “Bookshelf Battle.”  I have limited shelf space.  Books want it.  They fight.  And they send soldiers, robots, assassins, ninjas, or whatever to attack each other.  Battles are constantly being waged on my bookshelf, and frankly, all the racket is keeping me up at night. So imagine my surprise when I woke up in the middle of the night last night to find none other than Sheriff Rick Grimes blasting away on zombies with his big ole revolver. Conveniently in time for tonight’s midseason premiere! I snapped a few photos of the action.  You tell me which one you like the best.

Vote for #1 - Rick blasting one solo walker.

Vote for #1 – Rick blasting one solo walker.

Option 2 - Rick, more zombies, and Merle, who may or may not be a zombie.

Option 2 – Rick, more zombies, and Merle, who may or may not be a zombie.

Option 3 - Merle on opposite side with zombies

Option 3 – Merle on opposite side with zombies

Option 4 - Rick, zombie, random crawling walker

Option 4 – Rick, zombie, random crawling walker

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