Michael Keaton Robbed

Boo.  Boo. Boo, I say.  Boo.

Look, I never saw The Theory of Everything.  I’m sure its great.  I’m sure Eddie Redmayne did a great job.

But come on.  He’s young.  He has like 50 years to get one.  Michael Keaton’s been around for so long and snubbed for so long.  It was really his turn.

Maybe it’s wrong to think like that.  The award should just go to whoever did the best job, but it’s too bad.  I just think Keaton is awesome and I thought it was going to be his night.

Oh well.  I suppose he had a win in that the movie sort of semi-based on his career took home best picture.

Still, I feel like this results in either Keaton never gets an Oscar, or they pull a Jack Palance/City Slickers move and give it to Keaton when he’s 70 and appears in some random role in a goofball comedy.

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5 thoughts on “Michael Keaton Robbed

  1. gpj103 says:

    I kind of think the world would be better without the Oscars or other such awards ceremonies. At the end of the day, they are all money making exercises and involve people in an industry wanting to pat themselves on the back in an “aren’t we wonderful” kind of way. It seems even worse with actors because they are, by trade, false and their speeches are, well, false. Their actions are false. I don’t think I believe anything an actor might say a lot of the time simply because everything about them is about putting on a facade. That said though, Michael Keaton was a good Batman…perhaps the best one.

  2. Steve Vernon says:

    THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING looks great – but I am cynical about the whole choice when it comes to Oscar time. I think anybody who plays a character in a wheelchair, handicapped physically, or even deformed automatically has a leg up on the competition. It falls into the whole “Gee, that make-up must have been AWFULLY uncomfortable” category.

    Might be I am just too darned cynical.

  3. marsheiner says:

    I saw both movies, and it’s like comparing apples and oranges, so I have to agree the Oscars are kind of idiotic. But lemme tell you, Eddie Redmayne really did a great job, and I was perfectly happy to see him win.

    • True. And I’d add probably the only fair thing to do is to judge each actor on the actual performance being nominated, not their whole body of work. Still, I dunno, it worries me that with Michael Keaton the Academy will pull a Jack Palance – snub a guy for years then finally give him a win for a bit part in a goofy movie just for the sake of giving it to him (i.e. City Slickers).

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