The Siberian Yeti Now in Control

Hello 3.5 Bookshelf Battle Readers.

The Siberian Yeti here.  I have returned to Bookshelf Battle HQ, made my way past Bookshelf Battle Dog, and have subdued legendary blogger, martial artist, international ladies’ man and magical bookshelf owner, the one and only Mr. Bookshelf Q. Battler.

yeti crash (2)

Top Secret Surveillance Footage of the Siberian Yeti Village Revealed!

No longer will he fill the minds of the masses with his spectacularly awesome ideas.  As the Mayor of the Siberian Yeti Village, I must keep people from thinking big ideas, lest they start thinking ludicrous thoughts, like three toilet paper squares per week are not enough.

Just look at the trash ideas this alleged book blogger is trying to sell you on:

A Book Review of Lock-In by John Scalzi – Robots and viruses, mystery and deception, too much stimulation for your pitiful American minds!  We Siberian Yetis prefer to watch mold grow on rocks.  That is all the excitement we can stand.

An Ask the Alien Column – Interactivity?  Blech!  Patooie, I say!  Why do you want to promote your book, blog, or writing project through the assistance of a rude and snarky alien when you could engage in the ancient Siberian Yeti art of snowball juggling?

These Silly “Can’t Stop the One Post a Day Challenge” Columns – Bookshelf Q. Battler claims he can defeat Highlanders, Chuck Norris, and zombies all in the name of bringing a daily dose of absurd nonsense to his 3.5 readers?  Preposterous!

Frank Underwood Reviews Green Eggs and Ham, House of Cards Parody – Such tomfoolery!  We Siberian Yetis have been watching House of Cards on our Commodore 64 at a rate of one frame per three days and we are totally rooting for the Russian President to crush Underwood like the capitalist pig that he is!

Defense of Shatner – How can Bookshelf Q. Battler defend a man who is the typical spoiled, rich Hollywood actor, complete with a toupee on his head that looks like a tribble?

Yes, I, the Siberian Yeti, am now in control of the Bookshelf Battle and from now on, there will be no interesting ideas on this blog whatsoever!  Get used to it, pitiful 3.5 readers!

Image Courtesy of Creative Commons License via Flickr User Hilary H – “Yeti Crash” 

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