Can’t Stop the One Post a Day Challenge

And it continues…

QUESTION:  Cthulhu

ANSWER:  Cthuwhatwho?

QUESTION:  Cthulhu.  A mythical monster, akin to bigfoot, but it is large and has a squiddy tentacle face.

ANSWER:  Why would a cthulhu want to stop me from posting once a day?

QUESTION:  Because you dared to post about them.  You’re doing it right now.  They want to keep their existence a secret.

ANSWER:  Then I’ll stop posting about them.  And if that doesn’t satisfy them, then I will zap them with my eyeball lasers.

QUESTION:  You have eyeball lasers?

ANSWER:  Doesn’t everybody?

QUESTION:  Narwhals.

ANSWER:  Nar-whats?

QUESTION:  Narwhals.  Whales with large pointy tusks on their heads.

ANSWER:  What, like a unicorn whale?  Please, let’s try to keep this to the realm of possibility.

QUESTION:  They exist!

ANSWER:  Seriously?  We can’t have horned horses but they have horned whales?

QUESTION:  I know.  Hardly seems fair.  But you’re in a boat, trying to post on your blog, and one of them is coming at you with its mighty tusk, ready to poke a hole through the side of your ship.

ANSWER:  Two words.  Giant cork.

QUESTION:  Excuse me?

ANSWER:  With expert precision, I toss a giant cork onto the narwhal’s mighty tusk, rendering it useless.

QUESTION:  Why do you carry a giant cork around with you?

ANSWER:  Doesn’t everybody?

QUESTION:  Lochness monster.

ANSWER:  I’m not in Scotland.

QUESTION:  Ninjas kidnap you and transport you to Scotland.

ANSWER:  Damn it.  Your scenarios are impeccable.  Still, Nessie is a champion of free speech.  She’s cool.  She won’t try to stop the blog.

QUESTION:  She’s a jerk in this scenario.

ANSWER:  That’s sad.  But really, all I have to do is try to take a picture of her and she’ll swim away, leaving me with but a mere blurry image on my camera.

QUESTION:  You’ve rejected Katy Perry and Katee Sackhoff in the name of your one post a day challenge.  What if we throw Charlize Theron into the mix?

ANSWER:  Damn you, Hypothetical Questioner.

QUESTION:  Charlize Q. Battler has a nice ring to it.

ANSWER:  It does, but I refuse to disappoint my 3.5 regular readers.  No dice!

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One thought on “Can’t Stop the One Post a Day Challenge

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