Game of Thrones – 4/26/15 – Season 5 – Episode 3 – “High Sparrow”

Oh that wacky Tyrion.  Always getting himself into a pickle.

  • I’m enjoying the Varys/Tyrion road trip.  Mormont says he’s taking Tyrion to see the Queen.  Guess he doesn’t realize that’s where the imp was going anyway.
  • Arya’s tired of sweeping the floor, not realizing that’s some kind of “Mr. Miyagi” type stuff she has to do in order to become a faceless man.
  • The whole thing with Sansa marrying Ramsay is odd. (After all, Roose murdered Robb and Catelyn) We can only assume Littlefinger has something up his sleeve – somehow this will lead to the Boultons getting their comeuppance.  However, are the Boultons so stupid that they’d invite a revenge seeker into their midst?
  • Seems obvious Cersei will have the High Sparrow appointed as High Septum, finally giving her the strong ally she needs.
  • There was a wedding and no one died!

What did I forget?  Discuss!


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