Self-Publish Like a Pro: How to get a quality book cover on a budget PART 1

Elena May provides us with some tips on that oh so important part of your book, the cover!

Ever hear that old cliche, “never judge a book by its cover?”

Your potential readers haven’t.

Kingdom of Ashes

I finished my book’s initial draft over a year ago, and since then, I’ve been preparing to self-publish. I’ve been commissioning editors and artists and reading a lot on ebook and paperback formatting. This is the first post in my Self-Publish Like a Pro series, in which I’m planning to share what I have learned along the way and hopefully help other indie authors.

Normally the publisher will take care of editors, formatting and book covers, and will cover all the expenses. Indie authors need to act as mini publishing houses. They need to assemble the best team of professionals, who would together deliver the highest-quality final product, all the while working on a (usually) very tight budget.

Several book cover options exist for indie authors:

1. Take a picture yourself and add some text

Cost: free

2. Make your own cover in Word or Paint (if you have Photoshop…

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One thought on “Self-Publish Like a Pro: How to get a quality book cover on a budget PART 1

  1. Elena says:

    Thanks for reblogging!

    Some authors overlook the importance of covers. Of course, what really matters is the book’s content, but your potential readers won’t even open your book and see how good it is unless the cover grabs their attention.

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