Undesiredverse: Wanted – Reblogged

Hey 3.5 readers,shutterstock_120849055

This morning I reblogged all 13 chapters of Undesiredverse: Wanted, along with little captions as to what’s going on.

I hope you’ll check them out and give me some feedback – good, bad, or indifferent, it’s all welcome.

There’s a tendency for posts to get buried in blogs, so if you want to read this in a stable place, it also has a home on Wattpad.  If you’re one of my 3.5 Wattpad readers, please take a look, vote, comment etc.

Thank you nerds.  Stay nerdy.  And please comment, even if your comment is “you suck and should hang your head in shame for darkening the Internet with your stupidity.”

Thanks Uncle Hardass.  You know how to get to the point.

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