Daily Discussion with BQB – Which Came First, the Chicken or the Hodor?




You have been forewarned about spoilers.

I have a question about the whole Hodor hullabaloo.

So last night we found out that Hodor’s name is Hodor because in the present timeline of Game of Thrones, Bran worged into the mind of young Hodor, back when he was Willis, and told him to “hold the door” to keep some monsters at bay in the present.

Young Willis had such a bad reaction to it that it broke his mind and he just kept repeating “hold the door” over and over until that was shortened to “Hodor.”

And then the poor guy’s life basically became walking around saying “Hodor” until he grew old and got to the point where he could hold the door for these dumb kids.

OK. Here’s my question.  Hodor, at some point, would have had to have gotten the kids to the tree place where this all goes down.

Is there an alternative timeline where Hodor was like a person who spoke normally and got the kids up North while being a sophisticated, intelligent talker and then once Bran worged back in time, the timeline changed and made it so that Hodor had been a guy who just says Hodor all along?

Time travel can be so difficult.

It’s like Terminator.  John Connor sends Kyle Reece back in time to protect his mother, Sarah Connor.  Kyle boinks Sarah and ends up as John’s father, but at some point, there had to have been some timeline where some other guy boinked Sarah to create John so that there would have been a John in the future to send Kyle to the past to inevitably boink his mother.

What say you, 3.5 readers?  Was there a well spoken Hodor before there was a Hodor speaking Hodor?

Bonus Question – Do you think George RR Martin knew from the start that Hodor would one day become a Hodor who holds the door and that’s why he named him Hodor?

Or did he coincidentally name him Hodor because he thought it would be funny for a guy to be wandering around who just says Hodor and then eventually he was like “hey Hodor sounds like hold the door maybe I can use this…”

As others have said, I think GRRM knew from the beginning.  But wow. That means he’s been holding onto this secret since the 1990s.


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2 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Which Came First, the Chicken or the Hodor?

  1. If you assume time is linear, then yes, there must be a starting point. But it seems in GRRM’s world, time is not linear. That’s a recurring theme with Bran’s journey this season. Causality becomes much more complex in this situation, because what we do in the present can influence what happens in the past. Hard to get your head around, I know, but that seems to be where GRRM’s going.

    With respect to the name “Hodor”, I suspect that Martin knew it was the “right” name, but didn’t understand why until he got closer to Hodor’s final fate. Some of the most powerful work in story telling happens at the subconscious level. I’ve found this in my own journey as a writer; often the full significance of certain names, events, etc., isn’t revealed right away. In a sense, you have to learn to trust your instincts and let the story lead you to its revelations. Martin, I suspect, is a master at this; though we can’t really know unless we were to ask him directly.

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