Dear 3.5 Readers

Writing is too hard.  I am too old and fat to be bothered with it anymore.  I have decided to lie down in the street and wait for the Yeti to eat me, for he too is fat.

I leave this blog to my dear Video Game Rack Fighter.  I advise her to sell it for 3.5 dollars to 3.5 Japanese businessmen.  May they have more luck with this site, perhaps by turning it into an online advertising forum for Japanese fish soap.

VGRF, I know it will be very lonely for you when I am gone.  That is why I want you to forego the ridiculous idea that you could ever meet a man better than yours truly and instead, stuff my reconstructed body and pose me on the couch so that you could look longingly at me for the rest of your days.

Take care, 3.5 readers.  You guys really blew it by not becoming 3,500.5 readers.  I am off to become Yeti chow now and my journey will end as I am passed through the Yeti’s colon.


BQB, Soon to Be Yeti Poop (Which in Retrospect, Renders My Request to Be Posthumously Stuffed Null and Void)

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2 thoughts on “Dear 3.5 Readers

  1. Uh, don’t you mean “fish bulb” soap. MR. SPARKLE!!!

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