Daily Discussion with BQB – Where Will Self Publishing Be in Five Years?

What advances will happen?  Will it still be thriving?  Will new sites and forms of technology arise to make the work of a self publisher easier?  Will things get harder?  Will the traditional publishing industry, much like the Empire, find a way to strike back?

More importantly, will I ever have more than 3.5 readers?

Discuss, 3.5 readers.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Where Will Self Publishing Be in Five Years?

  1. The market is only going to continue to be more and more flooded, often with complete garbage. Publishers will change the way they do business to stand out. It will again become necessary to get a real publisher in order to publish AND be read. Cycle continues. LOL

    • I pulled out my Zombie Westerns and read them the other day. I’m sad they aren’t published yet.

      • That’s all you my friend.

      • There’s a part of me that says just forget about the other two and focus on Zombed and rewrite it and get it out there and then I can do the other ideas later. Then again, I read the first part of Undead Man’s Hand and its funny when it has been awhile and you forget what you wrote so you can judge it better and it is pretty good.

      • We all have to make difficult choices. But you keep changing horses mid stream. Your ass is wet. Pick a horse and ride that damn thing back to the barn already. LOL

      • Agreed. I blame 99 Designs and their affordable and effective design services. Sure, that image of a toilet gator cheered me up when I was feeling blue, but alas, I must now write a novel about a toilet gator.

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