Announcing a New Column – Writing Choices


Hey 3.5 readers.

I had no idea where I was going with this blog when I started it.  Lately, it seems to be more about movies and less about books.  Well, I talk about books I am working on but not so much about books I want to review.

Had I been able to see into the future, I would have changed my name to Moviescreen Q. Watcher but hey, you all know me as Bookshelf Q. Battler know, and that’s lucky, because that’s my name.

At any rate, I do a lot of movie reviews on this blog.  I have loved watching movies ever since I was a little BQB.  I admit, on occasion, sometimes when I’m watching a frivolous movie, I think, “Did I just waste two hours watching an idiot in tights walk around pretending to be a superhero?”

Yes.  Yes I did.  Then again, I didn’t, because movies allow us to explore worlds we’d never otherwise dip our toes into.

So – writing choices.  I’ll still be writing movie reviews.  But I also want to write about the choices that writers behind the movies make.  Why did this character do this?  Why did the other character say that?  What is the purpose of such and such?

I’ve thought about this for a while now and I was loathe to do it because, you know, spoilers.  But I will a) try not to write about the writing choices until after you’ve had a chance to check the movie out and b) I’ll try to remember to announce spoilers.  In fact, if you see the words, “Writing Choices” then you should assume there will be spoilers.

Thanks and I hope this will lead to discussions with you 3.5 writers about…dun dun dun…writing choices!

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