Daily Discussion with BQB – Baby Boomer Perverts

As word comes out that “Today” show host Matt Lauer engaged – ALLEGEDLY (to make my lawyer happy) in all manner of alleged perversions, i.e. having a secret button to lock the door to his office from his desk, allegedly to keep the ladies in…and that allegedly he sexually assaulted a woman until she passed out….one has to wonder…

…has anyone noticed these are, I believe, all mostly baby boomers?  Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Roy Moore, Al Franken and the list goes on and on…I mean, more or less, they’re mostly baby boomers, right?

The WWII generation returned home from defeating Hitler, had babies, gave them all they wanted and that created the so-called “me” generation.  Add into that the 60s, a time of sexual liberation (or perversion, however you want to call it) and these old farts just can’t stop being so grabby and pervy and assaulty on the job.

Seriously.  I’m in Gen X and after the Anita Hill testimony on TV, we were all basically taught that there should be ten foot brick wall between you and any females at all times whenever you talk to them, that you should only address women while wearing a beekeeper’s helmet ala Howard Stern’s Gary Delabate, that ten witnesses of virtuous character should witness the meeting and the whole thing should be videotaped, a transcript motorized and signed off by the President, Pope, and your city councilman…all saying that no sexual misconduct occurred.

In case you missed that joke, we were basically all taught to go out of your way to avoid being accused of sexual misconduct.  So you just don’t really see any Gen Xers or millennials being accused of misconduct.

Time for the Baby Boomers to retire, take their pervy ways with them, and let the next generations take over.


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