Why do farts smell bad?

If you don’t eat something that smells like a fart, why do your farts smell like farts?

If you eat a pizza, why doesn’t your fart smell like pizza?

If you eat strawberry ice cream, why don’t your farts smell like strawberry ice cream?

I demand answers!

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9 thoughts on “Why do farts smell bad?

  1. Liz says:

    Farts smell ‘bad’ because they’re technically the byproduct of all the bacteria that live in the gut that do a good job in breaking down what we eat into something the body can use for energy. They have to poop, too LOL

    This may be the answer or this may not but I remember this question when I was in sixth grade being blurted out by one student and we couldn’t stop laughing. But as faulty as my memory may be regarding the answer, it’s also the only thing I remember from that class so many years later LOL

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