I’m Number One! I’m Number One!

Will you look at that, 3.5 readers? A short story by me, BQB, is #1 on Amazon’s free horror short story list this weekend.

Look out, Stephen King. I’m set to outpace you, in like, a thousand years maybe…but still, isn’t that great? Last month, I had a book that was number one in Amazon’s free writing skill reference so I was a master of the English language and now I’m a master of horror.

Now if I could only get to the top of a paid Amazon list. I suppose that takes more doing.

Anyway, get your free copy this weekend.

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5 thoughts on “I’m Number One! I’m Number One!

    • Thank you…well, I hate to say it but I’m not sure this is that impressive. I’m not sure how the Amazon algorithms work but I watch my stats and like, it’ll say “this book is ranked 2 million something” and then out of the blue someone will buy one copy and it will say “this book is ranked 150,000 – something.” A 2 million ranking improvement because someone bought one book? Maybe that just means people don’t read that much, I don’t know.

      I gave away 500 free books so that lead to this book getting to #1 Free short horror story. One cool thing is I sold 11 books today which is nice when people get a free book and are like, “Hey, this is good enough to buy more books.” But then, basically, that earned me a whopping 4 bucks so…I don’t know if these little accolades mean anything but Hollywood needs to hurry up and give me my multi-million dollar deal already.

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