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Daily Discussion with BQB – The Guy That Was Dragged off the United Airlines Flight

Here’s my take on it, 3.5 readers.

On the one hand, the idea that you can purchase a ticket to leave on a flight at a certain time and yet be moved off of that flight even though you have plans and you’re on a schedule totally sucks.  If the airlines depend on seats to move their employees where they need to go, then they should keep a certain amount of seats open and eat the cost.  If the distance isn’t even that far, say four hours or less, the company should rent a van for the employees to drive to the next location rather than bump paying passengers.

On the other hand, rightly or wrongly, this is a legal practice.  I’m sure buried 10,000 lines down into the fine print on your ticket for any airline and not just United, that the company reserves the right to bump you off a flight.  It sucks, but as long as it’s legal, people have to comply with it.

Yes, complain.  Yes, raise a stink.  However, once the cops get involved…leave.  There’s a disturbing societal trend where people think they have a right to not comply with the police.  Even the worst lawyer will tell you that if you think you’re being unjustly hassled, just shut up, do as the cops say, and then if you really have a case, sue later.

In this case, the guy should have walked away rather than be dragged away.  Take the next flight, then sue for the cost of your missed work, any burdens you suffered, etc.

This is probably a learning lesson that the law should be changed and airlines shouldn’t be allowed to overbook and passengers should have a right to expect that a ticket on a plane at a certain time means they can to leave on a plane at a certain time.  However, as long as this is the law, suck it up, leave, and then seek whatever legal action possible to reimburse whatever the delay cost you.

What say you, 3.5?

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Movie Review – Sully (2016)

Do I really have to call SPOILER ALERT when this was all over the news in 2009?

Oh well.  Assume I just did.

BQB here with a review of Sully, the Clint Eastwood directed film about U.S. Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger’s miracle landing of an airline on the Hudson River.

Stupid geese.  They ruin everything.  And all those years ago (seems like it was just yesterday, doesn’t it?) they flew into Sully’s engines and knocked them out.

With little time to think and a plane that was going down, Sully (Tom Hanks), with the help of co-pilot Jeff Skiles (Aaron Eckhart) made a split decision to land the plane in the Hudson River.

The film takes us through the event from a number of perspectives – office workers who see the low flying plane and fear it is another 9/11, illustrating the toll on the American psyche that attack has taken, the frightened passengers, the flight attendants who keep their cool and lead the passengers through what they need to do, the rescue workers who respond to the scene in time to save the passengers from freezing to death in the bitter January cold.

It was a heck of a story when it happened.  There have been many plane crashes in history, though none that I can think of where everyone survived.  Sully was the toast of the town immediately thereafter, hailed as a hero and brought on as a guest on multiple talk shows and news programs.

But what we didn’t realize is that behind the scenes the ole Sullymeister was being railroaded big time.  Thus, the brunt of the movie focuses on NTSB investigators (boo!  gubmint bureaucrats! boo!) attempting to string Sully up with computer simulations indicating that it would have been possible for Sully to have landed the plane at LaGuardia or in New Jersey.

With flashbacks to his youth as a crop-duster and military pilot interspersed throughout, Sully fights to preserve his good name, his reputation, his wings, his pension, and ultimately to prove that he wasn’t flying some video game, this was the real deal and he did what he needed to do to save the day.

One thing that struck me as I watched was just how densely populated New York City is, how tall the buildings are, combined with giant planes flying overhead constantly, one wonders how there aren’t more crashes and ultimately, you walk away with a greater appreciation for pilots like Sully who move these giant metal beasts through the sky over populated areas everyday.

And that’s the rub. Sully didn’t just save his passengers, but also the people in the city his plane would have crashed into.

STATUS: Shelf-worthy.

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BQB and the Meaning of Life – Part 21 – Too Trusting




“She’s not my…uhh….”

“Yes!” Vicky said. “Can you take us there?”

Kip Happly, US Air Force. Retired?  Dishonorably discharged?  You say tomato, I say to-mah-to...

Kip Happly, US Air Force. Retired? Dishonorably discharged? You say tomato, I say to-mah-to…

“I sure can, Ma’am,” the man said as he grabbed Vicky’s hand and smooched it. “Kip Happly’s the name.  Flying dangerous missions is my game. Why, in my day, I dropped more bombs on the world than network television!”

“You were in the air force?” Vicky asked.

“Yes indeed,” Happly said. “United States Air Force.  Ten years before, well, there was an incident involving a Stealth Bomber being flown in an unstealthy manner but hell, we don’t need to get into that.”

“You’ve got a plane?”  Vicky asked.

“Of course,”  Happly replied.  “A fine craft.  You’ll be sitting pretty in the lap of luxury! For three hundred US dollars I’ll get you where you’re going.”

“That’s a great deal!” Vicky said.

It occurred to me that Vicky was serious and I started to worry.

“Whaddya say, pal?” Happly said as he lightly punched my shoulder.

“Sorry,” I said. “I don’t have that much cash on me.”

“Fear not, traveler!” Happly said. “Kip Happly Enterprises, a Limited Liability Company, fully registered in Sri Lanka for tax purposes, takes all major credit cards.”

“Thank God!” Vicky said.

I shook my head. I took a moment to think about it. Doubting a better way would present itself, I forked over my plastic.

“I’ll run this and be back in a jiff!” Happly said as he walked away.

“Vicky,” I said. “I don’t want to be rude but…”


“You’re a little too trusting…”

“I am?”

“You are,” I said. “You don’t know me and you told me your whole life story. You don’t know this weird pilot guy and you’re signing us up to get on his plane…”

“We’re trying to get to a country with a travel ban on it due to a raging civil war!” Vicky said. “A wacko is our only hope for getting there!”

It was the first disagreement we had in our brand new friendship.

Was Vicky right for trusting Kip Happly of Kip Happly Enterprises, a Limited Liability Company Registered in Sri Lanka?

Find out next time on Bookshelf Q. Battler and the Meaning of Life!

Copyright (C) Bookshelf Q. Battler 2015.  All Rights Reserved.

Pilot image courtesy of a shutterstock.com license.

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