Brian Williams Misremembers

Oh Twitter.  We can always count on you to rub the salt in America’s gaping wounds.

Smart asses from all over the Internet have descended onto #brianwilliamsmisremembers to engage in the wisecrackery of placing Williams at the scene of all manner of historical and fictional events.

Even this jerk weasel got in on the action:

And well…it just goes on like that.

If you’re not following @bookshelfbattle then you’re missing out on all the snarky goodness!  And if you act fast, you can be my 3000th follower, which will win you…absolutely nothing!  Well, it will win you my undying gratitude and devotion.

So yeah, in other words, you win nothing.  But follow me anyway!  Surely being my 3000th twitter follower will get you bragging rights…if you’re in a room of people who care about mundane things.

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