How the West Was Zombed – Questions for My 3.5 Readers


Hey 3.5 Readers,

Here’s some questions I have for you:

Doc Faraday vs. Doc Holliday

If I get through How the West Was Zombed and the tentative sequel I’m currently referring to as “Calamity Jane vs. Zombies,” I foresee a third – Wyatt Earp vs. Zombies.

Wyatt Earp’s best friend, of course, was Doc Holliday.

This is probably thinking too far into the future but if I get through all three books, will you, the noble reader, be upset that there are two doctors with last names involving “day?”

My gut tells me to leave it.  I actually chose Faraday because it kind of felt like a small tribute to Doc Holliday.  Future books will take place in a zombified west (i.e. you’re about to learn How the West Was Zombed)…with at least two actual Western folk heroes responding to the zombie crisis (Jane in #2 and Wyatt in #3).

So I’m probably just going to leave Doc Faraday’s name as is.  But I’d like your input.

Old vs. Young Points of View

Gunther at the beginning always wants Slade to back down.  He’s old.  He’s seen the result of not backing down too many times.  Slade’s young.  Younger people have this sense of “the world should be X and if it isn’t everything must stop until it is fixed!”

Slade adopts Gunther’s “f%&k it” strategy toward the middle of the book where he quits.

But as things start to become more ominous…Gunther begins to snap Slade out of his teachings – i.e. he’s old enough to know when to back down and when to fight.

Make sense?

The Impending Zombie Apocalypse

Pretty soon the book is going to turn into The Walking Dead Meets Gunsmoke.  I foresee Slade and Co. fighting their way through town for survival.

Should we put Miss Bonnie in his group to keep things interesting as she and the Widow Farquhar cat fight it out over their man in the midst of zombie mayhem?

Probably worth a laugh or two but…I’m leaning toward things working out for Miss Bonnie to become a bit of a hero in her own right.

By the way, this is actually going to require me to draw a rudimentary map of Highwater just to make sure I keep it straight where everyone’s going so…stay tuned for that.

It’s definitely going to look like a 5 year old drew it with crayon but it will get the job done.

Standing Eagle’s Tribe

I believe I will rewrite the curse in the beginning to be a general curse of “Bad stuff will happen to you Slade” rather than leave it as it is, “The dead will rise from the grave!”

The problem is if you go back and read the beginning, you, the reader, find out there’s a zombie attack making its way across the West on its way to Highwater before Slade and Friends figure it out.

So really, the curse, meant as a red herring until its eventually discovered the Miracle Cure All was the culprit, doesn’t work.

But, in theory, you might wonder if the tribe’s curse of “bad things will happen”  (will be worded better than that) might not have invited – all this bad stuff to happen.

It doesn’t.  Standing Eagle just wanted to save face with a curse is all.  I believe he will return.  He was too good of a character not to and there needs to be some zombie scalping.


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