Will people stop reading books in the future?

I wonder and/or worry there might come a day when people don’t read novels like they do today.

I don’t have the stats but I don’t think they even read as much as used to.

So many shows. So many movies. So many streaming services. There’s probably never been a better time to be an actor or a TV writer (I assume competition is still difficult but there are at least more jobs to compete for maybe?)

I’m talking distant future. People will still need to read to get through daily life but I wonder if a time will come, like a hundred years now when people are like why the hell would I read a novel?

I don’t know. Just a thought.


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5 thoughts on “Will people stop reading books in the future?

  1. mpmmanor says:

    What’s weird about this is how so many people still hang out at Barnes & Noble, at least where we live, and how many books are still being published all the time. Seems like there’s something books still offer despite all the other options out there?

    • I think Barnes and Noble managed to save itself with the nook. Remember Borders? They got into ebooks way too late.

      Browsing through video stores and book stores were two fun pastimes. Now video stores don’t exist and it is hard to find a book store.

  2. I read an article that talked about how millennials are reverting back to hardcopy books because of the fatigue of constantly reading text on a screen. Who knows.

  3. Yes, I absolutely believe that someday in the future there will not be any existence of the reading culture. But it is up to us, this generation to never let it happen. Somehow we have to make sure that the curiosity and sense of accomplishment remain when reading a book and younger generation should be passed upon the knowledge of traditional ways of consuming information.
    I am doing a social campaign to help make that difference and would love to have your opinion about it. Please check us out at https://thereadingladder.wordpress.com/ or on https://www.facebook.com/readingladder/

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