Daily Discussion with BQB – Should the Cincinnati Zoo Have Shot Harambe the Gorilla?

Good morning 3.5 Readers.

Are you all refreshed after the long Memorial Day Weekend?

It goes by too fast, doesn’t it?

Anyway, have you been following the news story about the Cincinnati Zoo?

If you haven’t heard about it, a four year old boy somehow managed to fall fifteen feet into the zoo’s “Gorilla World” exhibit.

Harambe, a seventeen year old gorilla, found the kid and at one point, grabbed him and rather violently dragged him through the water.

Zoo keepers had to act fast and decided to shoot the gorilla dead.  They have explained that it was the only option.  They say a tranquilizer dart would not have acted fast enough and may have even angered the gorilla and caused him to become even more violent before it kicked in.

Faced with taking a chance that they could have somehow saved the boy without harming the gorilla or shooting the gorilla, they chose to shoot him.

A lot of people are complaining that the zoo didn’t do the right thing. There’s an online petition, a hashtag #gorillalivesmatter and the usual armchair quarterbacking.

Personally, I think the zoo had to do what it had to do. I don’t think anyone wanted to kill the gorilla.

And you can’t really blame Harambe because he’s a frigging gorilla.  Gorillas attack stuff. That’s what they do.

Some complainers point to a part of the video where it looked like he stands the boy up and looks like he wants to protect him.

I mean, maybe but maybe he was also thinking about the best way to crack the kid’s head open like a coconut.

Let’s be honest. Had the zoo not shot the gorilla and the gorilla had killed the kid, everyone, literally everyone, even the same people protesting the gorilla’s death, would be demanding to know why the zoo put a gorilla’s life over a boy’s.

Animal life over human life, you got to save the human.

I don’t want to immediately rush to judgment and start ragging on the family because I don’t know the full situation.

I suppose if there’s one lesson, it could be that zoos might review their exhibits and see if there are any holes that could be shored up, any little spaces where a little kid could conceivably squeeze through.

But at the same time, yeah, if you’re an adult, you’ve got to be keeping an eye on your kids.

I have no idea if the adults involved here weren’t paying attention and their kid wandered away, or maybe they were and the kid just got away from them, but I don’t know…people just need to be more careful, but at the same time zoos should review their exhibit security in light of the fact that we live in a world where literally on ne takes any responsibility for anything anymore.

RIP Harambe.

And kid, you’re 4 years old so I can’t blame you either. Hope you’re recovering well from the whole ordeal.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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8 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Should the Cincinnati Zoo Have Shot Harambe the Gorilla?

  1. lgould171784 says:

    As you say, the zoo officials had no choice. I do think the child’s mother should be held accountable, but she’s only human. Apparently she was distracted by her other children, and she did yell at the kid to stay put. Even one moment of distraction can have tragic consequences.

    • The people who say he shouldn’t have been shot never explain what they would have done. Send a negotiator into the pit? “OK Harambe, turn over the kid and this tasty bushel of bananas is all yours…”

  2. Gord Lindsay says:

    “Gorillas attack stuff. That’s what they do.” To call this statement “yellow journalism” would be an insult to the colour yellow. Better to ask the author under what rock he has been living, or does his entire understanding of gorillas derive from King Kong, or, does he have any more than a grade three elementary education?

    Generally, gorillas are peaceful, caring creatures. In this case, Harambe never attacked the child. His initial dragging of the boy was not to harm the child but to bring him to a place where Harambe could protect him better. Yes it was a little on the clumsy side, but afterwards, Harambe took up a stance where he adopted a sturdy defensive position to better shelter the child. There was never any attack. All hysteria and prejudice aside, this IMHO, is what the video shows.

    • So…you can guarantee me that nothing would have happened to the kid?

      Look I’m not saying blame the gorilla but I don’t know that the gorilla understands concepts like if you drag a kid or be too rough handling him he could die.

      I don’t think anyone could be 100 percent sure nothing would have happened to the kid had they left the gorilla alone.

  3. Gord Lindsay says:

    I think they needed a “gorilla whisperer.”
    I’m no Jane Goodall but I don’t think Harambe ever perceived the child as a threat. If I’m not mistaken, he would have aggressed immediately if he had felt territorially threatened.

    I see the risk of accidental harm possibly coming to the child but Harambe’s behaviour does not, to me, signal any risk of intentional harm.

    My main objection was to the author’s glib, inflammatory, and speciephobic — if I may coin a term — comment which I quoted at the top of my initial comment.

  4. If they had not shot the gorilla and it had killed or gravely injured the child, there would be even more outrage. In this case, I think they made the right choice. I would be curious if those animal rights folks that are so outraged had watched their own child in this situation would be so quick to criticize.

    • Things that people have said to me lately around BQB HQ and my responses:

      PEOPLE: Someone should have went in there and tried to offer the gorilla some fruit or talk to it or something.

      ME: Do you want to volunteer to do that?

      PEOPLE: Humans are a disease on the planet. The gorilla’s life was more important.

      ME: Sooo let me know when you tear down your house and give it back to the animals as an animal sanctuary.

      Eh, so many people just like to complain. The same people complaining about the gorilla’s death would be complaining about putting a gorilla over a boy had the boy died.

      It is too bad about the gorilla though.

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